Monday, April 18, 2011

Help doing Post: Movie and Teamup Continuation

I need help doing a post and I haven't had the time, someone requested for me to do a post about where teamups and movies lie between episodes of a series. I believe some are canon and some are not because some items appear before they are suppose to and don't really fit in with the episodes.

Mirai Sentai Timeranger vs. GoGoV - The opening title card shows that this movie takes place on October 25, 2000, between Timeranger episodes 35 and 36.

The Abaranger movie can be placed chronologically around the midst of Episodes 31 and 32, but it is not in the same universe, as such. That is to say, since Stego appears with the good Bakuryuu in the movie, and Jannu is still there amongst the Evorian, the movie doesn't occur directly within the series. Some people don't agree with this, some people think it is somewhere between Episodes 17 and 20. Other people believe the Abaranger vs. Hurricanger takes place between 31 and 32.


Anonymous said...

Uh Lavender Ranger, Styraco isn't in the Abaranger movie, and since Bakurenoh is in the series, I think it fits perfectly well

leonard said...

i hate when toei does that its those dragonball z movie that can't fit well

Anonymous said...

Here's the continuities of all the movies up between Gorenger and Ohranger.

Gorenger - Five movies, but only the fourth one (Bakudan Hurricane) was a completely original work. It had Daigoro as Kiranger, so it took place between ep. 55 and 67. The other movies were just theatrical showings of TV episodes (6, 15, 36, and 54).

JAKQ - Two movies, but the first one was just a theatrical showing of Ep. 7. The second one, JAKQ Dengekitai vs. Gorenger, took place after the series ended.

Battle Fever J - No movie.

Denziman - I have no idea when it is set, but it premiered the same day Ep. 24 aired.

Sunvulcan - Has Takayuki Hiba as Vul Eagle, so it took place after Ep. 23.

Goggle V - Takes place between Ep. 8 and 14 since Deathdark were already making giant "Kong" duplicates of their Mozu monsters after ep. 8, while the legs of Mogurakong is the same type used by Hikarikong and all other kong robots until Ep. 14.

Dynaman - Originally premiered on the same day as Ep. 6, but was later shown on TV as Ep. 32.

Bioman - Jun Yabuki is already Yellow Four, while all five Beastnoids are still alive, so it takes place between Ep. 11 and 31.

Changeman - Two movies. Movie #1 premiered on the same day Ep. 7 aired and it took place before Ahames showed up in Ep. 17. Movie #2 aired on the same day as Ep. 24 and it takes place after Ahames shows up, but before Giluke was banished from Gozma in Ep. 33.

Flashman - Two movies again. Movie #1 aired on the same day as Ep. 3 and took place during that same time period. Movie #2 is just a compilation of Ep. 15-18 (Titan Boy's introduction arc).

Maskman - Aired on the same day as Ep. 21, but it definitely takes place before Ep. 20, since the team didn't acquired the Galaxy Robo yet. I'll say sometime between Ep. 2 and 20.

Liveman - No movie

Turboranger - Premiered on the same day as Ep. 3. Yamimaru hasn't appeared on the series by this point, so it's definitely before Ep. 14.

Fiveman, Jetman, and Zyuranger had no movies.

Dairanger - It takes place after Ep. 8, since Dairen-oh is now their main mecha and four previously defeated monsters from the early episodes show up in the movie.

Kakuranger - Filmed between Ep. 7 and 8, but premiered after Ep. 8. Definitely set during the early episodes.

Ohranger - Premiered after Ep. 7. The monster in the movie was actually revived in Ep. 31, so its the only movie in the franchise up to this point in which its events were referenced on the show itself.

henshin0 said...

I'm not too cocky on ranger movies and team-ups, but I know that based on the content, boukenger takes place anywhere between ep 21-32, when more perscisly, depending if zuban is there or not (can't remember). the team-up could have occured anywhere between 34-40, or on either adjacent side of 43.

in gekiranger, the movie lacks canon, but would be somewhere between 21-25. the team-up takes place, based on my analysis, would most likely take place between 35-37. But frankly, I'm better at Kamen rider movies.

I don't think there was a movie for kuuga, but the hbv was generally a recap taking place after he got ultimate form (partially canon).

Agito's movie woulad take place right after he gets shining form (canon). I think the hbv was the same as kuuga's.

Ryuki's movie is rather parallel, but takes place right before the last episode (parallel canon). hbv had a brief recap and a team-up with agito (partial canon). the 13-rider special is a 15-30 minute parallel of the whole war (parallel canon).

555 movie was completely parallel but despite it being an obvious parallel, there are many small differences that make it lose canon (parallel non-canon). the hbv is a musical forced upon the character by 555's new weapon, thunder blaster (boom box). though it would make an interesting episode, there are musical esthetics (such as spontanious costume changes) that make it unrealistic (non-canon).

Blade's move takes place 4 years after the show, but "the show's conclusion" was different from the actual one (partial canon). I understnd that in the hbv, which takes place after ep 35 or 36, the undead can shape-shift, but how there were 2 blay rousers (non canon).

I didn't watch all of it, but both the movie and hbv take place right after he gets Armed form, although the film mostly takes place in the edo period, the nature of the beginning's and conclusion's canon depend on the nature of recieving the armed saber in the tv show (both canon).

kabuto's movie is in a parallel dimention, however, its conclusion is canon to being a proloue to episode one, and the hyper battle video takes place after ep 34, but the talking zecters makes the canon iffy (canon and slightly canon respectively).

i gotta go now, but i'll do the rest later

KR ShinkenRed said...

I'm gonna try to figure out the ones I've watched
(I'm anon 1)
Around the ep 17-20 gap as suggested, Styraco isn't in the movie and Jannu is with Evolian so it should fit about there, Bakurenoh later appears in the series

Before the legend powers debut but after Meemy appears, seemingly before the hades beastmen I think it is were revived. Unigolon appears lter in the series.

Definitely canon as it's important to episode 39-40 I think it is, happens not long after Hiramechides death it seems

Set a few episodes before Super Mode debuts.

Some time after 17 but before the debut of the super mode, not alot else can be said as Gosei Knight doesn't use any mecha.

syer1001 said...

did you know that most (idk if it is all) double-bill movie for kamen rider and super sentai have similarities? etc, decade's all rider vs great shocker have a war between the riders and the monsters. shinkenger's movie have a war between shinkenger and gedoushuu.
just thought that you could cover on that one...

Dekaknight said...

Where does the hurricanger movie take place in it's timeline? Not the Vs. team up, I'm talking about Shushutto the movie.

Dekaknight said...

When the hell does the hurricanger movie take place? Not the Vs. team up, I'm talking about Shushutto the Movie.