Saturday, September 23, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Royal Rumble - Episode Review

Drillion is about to crush them when the Lion Ship blasts him. He leaves. Galavanax shoots her ship down. Drillion returns and threatens Madame Odius. Galavanax tells him to make sure the Princess was destroyed. Odius takes Drillion with her to make sure the Rangers go down. Viera finds a floating piece of wood with a gravity crystal. She says it is damaged. Redbot and Mick are fixing the swords and stars. The others arrive and ask how they are going to destroy Drillion. Hayley has a lion pendant that becomes Princess Viera. She needs another source of power for her zord. Mick is not so happy, his planet was destroyed by her kingdom. He hasn't seen her parents in 20 years.

Viera wants to change her kingdom. They see the ship in the nexus. They have very little Ninja STeel left to make a new star to make the ship become a Megazord. Victor is being pulled by Monty on a rickshaw. Victor wants toi be more popular and finds a rock floating with a gravity crystal. Monty pulls it out and the rock falls on their feet. Victor wants to use the crystal. Back on the ship, Drillion has been powered up. Back in school, Victor passes out flyers for a weight lifting thing he is doing. The Rangers detect a monster near the Lion ship. Drilion has indeed arrived.

The Rangers face Drillion and morph. Crystals hit the Rangers. Red goes down. Mick throws the star in the nexus and it hits Viera's armor. Red gets a new morpher with a star. He spins it and Viera's armor disappears. Red gets the armor in turn. He becomes Lion Fire Red. Mick tells her that he didn';t think she changed but now he believes she has (that's pretty quick). Red beats up Drilion. Gold attacjs abd struikes lighting on Drillion. Red does a slash and makes him go down. His upgrade is gone. Red puts the star on his sword and does Flame Strike attack and destroys him.

A Kudabot makes him grow. Mick gets a new star to make a megazord and throws it the zord. Red enters the zord. He energizes the zord and makes the Megazord. He fights Drilion. Drillion spits out projectiles. The other Rangers watch. He becomes Lion again and Red gets on top and does a final strike, destroying Drillion. Back at the hideout, they thank Viera. Viera promises to change things for the better in the Lion Galaxy. She has a surprise for him---his parents via video phone. They ask when he will come home. He promises but says he has important work with his friends. The Rangers giggle. He thanks Viera. She then leaves on her ship. She says to be called if needed. Back at school, the Rangers see Victor try to break the record. Preston sees Monty put the crystal on the weights. Victor lifts it up. Everyone applaud. He goes to get the trophy and the weights stay floating. It shocks everyone. He grabs it---he is called a cheater. The crystal is removed and the weight drops down the floor. Monty and Victor fall and the others laugh,

I liked some backstory on Mick but the character development between Mick and Viera was solved pretty quick by the Dues Ex Machina machine Nexus fixed things again. Just by Viera's armor taken away by the Nexus does not resolve the issues between Mick and Viera---well it shouldn't. If I was writing this, I would had something go wrong and Viera offer her armor, hence showing she is willing to be a sacrafice.

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