Friday, September 22, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Ace and the Race - Episode Review

Because of Hurricane Irma this is late. I live in Florida and I'm okay!

The Rangers enter the Lake Sunshine Fun-Athalton. The lake mascot is a fish named Bubbles. Calvin, Brody and Levi are in the orange team and the others in green. Calvin sees Ace, a 50's greaser in an awesome car and abandons his friends. Shoespike becomes human and can turn people or goons into statues. Ace cleans his car and calls Calvin the wrong name. He shows him the engine. Calvin sees something to fix and Ace tells him to do it. Calvin pushes the car away from the park. The race begins so they get a replacement for Calvin--the monster turned human. He turns Brody and Levi super-competitive with a stick. 

Victor is getting a haircut and has no paftner. They get ready and run off. Shoespike gives a massive headstart and Brody knocks Preston into the bushes. He then gives the stick to Levi. Levi throws someone in the lake and wins. The 'losers' such Hayley, Sarah, Preston and Victor become trophies. Levi and Brody see this. A dog takes the Victor trophy away.  Shoespike become a monster and the two brothers get competitive against each other. Then they morph. Calvin hits his head with the hood. He wants help fro Ace which he does grudgingly. Ace says he hates when he gets oil on his hands. A receipt from a fix it shop comes out and Calvin realizes Ace is a poser. Ace makes fun of Calvin and blows his own car as he leaves the school auto shop. 

Mick makes Calvin realize that they weren't friends and he wasn't a true friend to the Rangers. Victor trophy ends up in the aquarium. Calvin bumps into the trophies in the forest and see Shoespike and the Rangers going to compete again. Calvin morphs. The Rangers and monsters race. Yellow notices ShoeSpike is cheating. The Rangers then use teamwork. It is a photo finish and the Rangers win. They de-morph and the spells is broken. The trophies become human. The Rangers morph. Basherbots fight them.

Red goes down. Shoespike throws a huge ball on Red and Gold. Red and Gold destroy it and mention being family. The Rangers call the zords when he grows. The Rangers destroy him with the fusion megazord. Calvin apologizes. Monty looks for Victor. Victor finally becomes human out of the fish tank. 

Oh my. The biceps and legs. They should have every ep like this! The Rangers in skimpy outfits. Also, are the bad guys suppose to know Brody and Levi are brothers?

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