Saturday, May 21, 2011

Preview to Episode 15 of Gokaiger isn't the Sixth

UPDATED 5/22/11 6:30 PM EST
I thought he was the sixth ranger but turns out he is Basco.

We got Episode 15 preview with Basco (not GokaiSilver) that summons five Sixth Rangers.

Aka Red also seems to be on the ship (probably a flashback judging by one pick of Marvelous and Basco eating).

Gai has a monkey friend, interesting.

Yeah its not Bairzog/Sid becoming good like I once thought.

Bosco, Basco defected to Zangyack and betrayed the Red Pirates. I am against people saying people look 'gay' or 'effeminate' but I got to admit I thought he was a woman at first glance. Please don't make anti-gay remarks.

He seems to have a gold Mobirates.

Pictures from

Basco Ta Jolokia is a man who was member of the Red Pirates together with Marvelous. The pirate crew was eventually destroyed by Zangyack and Basco seems to have been behind this. "In order to gain something, you have to sacrifice something"
Zangyack sees him as a special pirate and he travels with his ship, Free Joker.
His parter, Sari the space monkey, moves quickly and attacks with two cymbals.
When Bassco puts Ranger Keys into his trumpet, he can materialize Rangers.
They become puppets and moves as they've been told.

Rikkidoroid, Basco's giant weapon.
The blue version is called "Wateru-kun".
They appear from Sari's chest.


EZ8 said... its not Barizorg becoming good?

Darn, Sid seemed like a pretty cool guy for Silver too.

Anonymous said...

where did you find this

Pink_Power said...

Well from this pics he does look really femenine.He has the same affeminate appeal as Rio from Gekiranger and that guy from karmen rider.His eyebrows are done way to much to my taste.Thats one thing I have notice from asian actors.They all have their eyebrows shaped and marked.Some a little some way to much.But I really thought Cid was gonna be Gokai silver.

Anonymous said...

Well sid could still be Gokai Silver, maybe that guy is another Gokaiger not Gokai silver, since his morpher is gold he could be Gokai Gold.

RHM said...

That's not Gai Ikari. That's Basco, Marv's "friend".

Gai's still about to be previewed. We'll see him after Basco's intro arc.

Basco seems to have the power to summon rangers with the ranger keys. He's Gokaiger's Diend.

Don't forget that Gai has the Gokaicellular, not a gold Mobirates.

Anonymous said...

Wait so this guyis Gokai Silver then.

Anonymous said..., Bosco is a bad guy and not GokaiSilver?

BlueDolphin said...

He is not GokaiSilver.....he is working with the Zangyack...he looks evil....he is accompanied by a weird looking monkey creature....he is dressed in can see Damaras in one picture with Basco.....and HE'S HOT!!!!

Anonymous said...

so.. hes a bad guy that can summon sentai sixth rangers?

Anonymous said...

The Captain Barbossa of Gokaiger

He even has a money.

Mugen said...

Him looking feminine actually fits for a pirate. If you look at the higher ranked pirates ( mainly Captains ) a lot of them have a sorta feminine look to them. Those with beards not counting, ofcourse.
So he can pull a DiEnd to the Gokaiger's Decade. Wonder if he can henshin aswell.

Douglas said...

kinda looks like the girler looking guy pirates on One Piece so this desn't out of place. if they have a 'are you a girl' type joke that'd be funny.

Anonymous said...

Is it Bosco or Basco?

Unknown said...

I didn't think he was a girl. I just thought he was very piratey!
I hope he is GokaiSilver or he'll join the mutated guy from Boukenger!

Anonymous said...

Basco summon 6th rangers by inserting the keys into a trumpet. Very interesting idea...

We have Diend who "shoots" and now Basco who "blows"

gyozilla said...

He feels more like sexy cowboy than a pirate.

ThatChick said...

@gyozilla, sexy cowboy, you mean Hiroshi Miyauchi (he wishes he was a cowboy).

Actually, he looks like Mystery, that one guy who had that reality show on VH1 where he taught nerds people how to pick up women. People actually dress like this!

Anonymous said...

Someone should make a cowboy-themed Sentai. I always found it odd that almost half of the 80s Sentai seasons (Goggle V, Dynaman, Bioman, and Changeman) had at least one cowboy-themed episode.

Anonymous said...

i just saw this episode and i hate basco