Friday, May 20, 2011

Official 199 Heroes List

I'm currently sick (a virus) so can't do much maintenance.
I put these mini Ranger pics for the leaders and the 10 Extra Heroes. If there was an extra hero, I put their picture, I chose not to put sixth heroes in order not to get confused with the extra heroes. 172 regular Rangers from the 35 teams, 15 Sixth Rangers = 188 who were in the Legend War and 10 Extra Heroes (Signalman, BullBlack, DekaMaster, DekaSwan, Wolzard Fire, MagiMother, Zuuban, Rio, Mele, and Shinken Red Karou), Aka Red and the 199th --- ?????. Even though I believed Gokai Silver was to be 200th, it seems that the 199th might be Gokai Silver because it is rumored he will cameo in the 199 heroes movie.

We are at episode 14 and there has only been six 'tribute episodes' (Magi, Deka, Geki, Gao, Shinken and Car), leaving 28 more teams to be covered and if this year is 50 episodes, like only 8 'filler' episodes. Unless they decided to go 80 episodes and end in August of 2012 and start a new series at the same time as Kamen Rider does. If not, they would have to be doing back-to-back 'tribute' episodes.


Anonymous said...

It's still disappointing that they left out Ninjaman and Gunmazin. I'm guessing they didn't want Kameo/Daimugen to feel left out, since he never wore a costume. :p

henshin0 said...

just to make it easier and cooler sounding, can we call kaoru, lady shinkenred, instead of shinkenred kaoru? It's easier to say, and admirably sounds more epic. Like den-o mini sword form, mini gekired, and baby gekiblue

henshin0 said...

I meant addmitably, not admirably. My phone wrote that, not me. But in a different context, it would have also worked.

Anonymous said...

If you want to get technical, Kaoru's Shinken Red form already has an official name. It's "Hime Shinken Red" (Hime = Princess).

Fantasy Leader said...

Megaranger's leader is MegaBlack btw. ;) And JAKQ's was Big One (well, after he joined. So I suppose Spade Ace works).

I wouldn't be surprised if that unknown warrior was GokaiSilver. If you count the number of "?," they match the same number of characters required to spell out "GokaiSilver." There's 8 "?." So it's "Go, -, Ka, I, Shi, Ru, Ba, -."

Cool list.

James Spiring said...

Anon 1, Kameo's morphed form is Tor the Shuttlezord! It's just a form that can only be giant - kinda like Ultraman actually.

Ninjaman and Gunmajin both lack civilan forms... but then so does Signalman, so I'm not sure what the logic is there.

Anonymous said...

Duh. I know Kameo is Daimugen's civilian identity. I referring to the fact that Daimugen was the first official non-ranger extra ally and he isn't human-sized. I never seen Boukenger, but isn't Zuban kinda like Ninjaman and Gunmazin. He's a non-ranger ally who can grow into giant size and change into a weapon. It seems odd they included him and not those two.

Muhammad Aliff Ali said...

Correct me if i'm wrong but i think GokaiSilver is not one of the 199 heroes, neither does AkaRed. Because without them, it's already 199 heroes. There are 5 main heroes in each team EXCEPT Abaranger as it consists of only 4 main heroes. This makes the total number of main heroes to be 174. There are 14 sixth heroes plus AbareKiller who is technically a fifth hero but not a main hero. Then we have 10 extra heroes revealed in the movie. So, 174 + 15 + 10 = 199. If AkaRed is to join the teamup, he would be the 200th hero. About Ninjaman & Gunmajin, i can let Gunmajin go as he looks more like a mecha than a hero. But Ninjaman, i really think that they should have made it 200 heroes instead of 199 as he should have made the cut.

Muhammad Aliff Ali said...

As an addition/correction/whatever to my last comment, they should have just made it 201 heroes as VRV Master from Carranger is also worthy to be included. I mean, he owns the Victrailer, right?

Anonymous said...

Sun Vulcan has only 3 members and AbaRanger has only 4 core members. 5*34-3=167.

167 core legends
5 Gokaiger
15 "sixth" rangers
1 Gokai Silver
10 extra rangers/bangai heroes

Seems like AkaRed is 199, but we'll see.

jre2624 said...

Just to clarify... they are not counting Ninjaman or X-1 Mask? Any others that they are not counting? Dekagold?