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Frequently Asked Questions

 UPDATED 3/29/13
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions I always get and I put it on my website, the link is not available right now but it will. The majority of the questions have to do with all the websites (Super Sentai Time Capsule, Power Rangers Central, Toku Central, Rider Legacy and this blog Henshin Grid.) Some questions at the end pertain to the shows themselves.

Q. Where do you get your pictures from?
A. For a lot of the recent series, pictures are from the official Japanese sites and our own scans. All of the older series are our scans. There are yearly books of a whole series. They used to come out as soon as the series ended, but beginning with Shinkenger, they are now sold with a DVD for an enormous amount of money. They come out at different times. Gokaiger was the most expensive book.

Q. Who owns and And who does what?
A. Lavender Ranger and DekaMaster (Mike). I write most of the descriptions, not all of them. I edit some of the pictures, mostly the ones for the Ranger Central toy section. Mike scans and edits the pictures for all the sites. He is currently in charge of all images, even though I had done edits of Japanese website images in the past. Mike edits the code. I take care of the menus.

Q. Why is there a Database image missing?
A. We don't have one yet. And no, we are not accepting any donations of images right now.

Q. Did this the Super Sentai Time Capsule always have the name it presently has?
A. This site sported the name Super Sentai Resource a few years ago for a small period of time, before that it was Super Sentai Time Capsule and before that, back in 1999, it was originally called the Power Rangers/Super Sentai Fansite.

Q. What relation does this have with RangerCentral?
A. After working with, Michael got the rights for RangerCentral from Ray and now is updating it with a new crew. Currently, it is just me and Mike. I write, he fixes the code and adds the pictures.

Q. Why in the Database are episodes mentioned?

A. We say which episode items appears in because its harder to track down what episode it first appeared on since not all titles are translated and its hard to see all the sentai episodes.

Q. Isn’t [Basco] spelled [Vasco]?

A. This goes for any character, item or terminology name, like Evorian/Evolian (the Abaranger villains) or Rouki/Loki from Gaoranger (Zenaku from Wild Force). It must be understood that Japanese spell things differently. Sometimes, names we have been to sound more like English, this is called Romanization. Lots of names Japanese give to their characters are puns that are only understood in Japanese. Sometimes the names it is how they say it.

Q. What does Henshin mean?

A. ‘Henshin’ is a Japanese word that roughly means to change or to transform. When Tokusatsu (Re: Tokusatsu) heroes change into their super form, they henshin. Sometimes the word henshin is included in the 'morphing call’. The term for this in the Power Ranger world is Morph. The Super Sentai heroes’ morphers are referred to as henshin devices but it is not the official name like the morphers.

Q. Is there a relation between the Dino Thunder symbol and Dragonzord’s symbol?
A. When Dino Thunder came out, many had speculation over the Dino Thunder symbol and Tommy’s old Green Ranger Dragonzord symbol had a relation. They don’t. The Dino Thunder symbol is from Abaranger, it is meant to be a dinosaur footprint. When Toei created Abaranger, they didn’t have Tommy in mind. The Dragonzord symbol is from Zyuranger and it is also meant to be a footprint. Abaranger has no relation with Zyuranger. 

Q. Have Super Sentai always used spandex?
A. Not always. In the beginning from 1975 to 1983, they used cloth and assorted materials. It was in 1984 with Bioman when they started using spandex.

Q. When is the new Sentai for next year usually revealed?
A. It depends. Usually in the winter. From Hurricanger to Magiranger, it started around November but the 2006 series Boukenger was revealed in late December. It starts out as a rumor. Lots of times the name changes. There are prototypes shown first but never anything major until a toy sheet or book scan is shown to confirm it. Sometimes people still don’t believe it. This year--2009, because Kamen Rider Decade is ending early and Kamen Rider W is starting, rumors for the 2010 Super Sentai began in early June. Nowadays we get rumblings in the summer but the name gets copyrighted in September and then we see first images in December.

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