Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ranger Radio August 1st

Ranger Radio
I had the pleasure of calling in and talking in RangerRadio about RPM, Eddie G., Power Rangers, and the future. Also inside info, spoilers and speculations! Please listen in to Adam and Chris, they are awesome!

Listen to it online now, click on the latest episode called "Belly of the Beast Discussion. And news of Power Rangers possibly being outsourced.", I come in about 25 minutes into it.

I have to clarify that first thing I said there is just rumors and untrue, so take with a grain of salt. Looking back, I shouldn't have had said it and I regret saying it. I refuse to talk about it and I will not talk about it again.


Trishala Ray said...

Hi, on 28th its the power ranger anniversary 17 years

Anonymous said...

oh i was just asking what the rumors were not if they were true or not... i couldnt understand what was going on the radio show