Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gokaiger Villains: Zangyaku and Music

The Zangyaku
No translation yet on the names but it seems that there is one boss (white and blue), 3 generals (one green female) and the footsoliders are shiny silver with one blue guy in the back that might be a monster of the day or another foot solider. I personally don't like the look of the grunts. Green Lady- Insaan
Big Red Dude- Damaras
Cyborg-guy with sword- Barizorg
Leader- Waruzu Gil

Dukemon22 says:
Also, looks like Project R. and Kamen Rider Girls will be putting on a joint performance (or more specifically, a series of performances) in celebration of their namesakes' anniversaries:
Psychic Lover, Sister Mayo and Iwasaki Takafumi (and more) are said to be present, seemingly to sing the Go-kai themes.


Anonymous said...

Even the villains have an old school feel to them. I just want to see how they're going to coordinate them and the Gokaiger traveling through different time periods and fighting each other. Gokaiger is definitely going to be interesting.

Luca said...

They all look awesome. The boss appears to be Buredoran. (I don't watch sentai, so IDK if he's already dead or not)

Mugen said...

Buredoran is currently alive. But the boss for sure looks like him.

Pretty good looking villians. Also remind me of older villians, and in case of the green Lady, GouRyujin!