Friday, January 21, 2011

Toy Week: Lavender Ranger Rant: Why do Fans want figures to be show accurate

People have asked me this week and many times before, why fans like figures to look exactly like they are in the show, or have toys of stuff that actually appear on the show. I must admit that this is a personal obsession of mine.

When the Power Rangers Samurai toys came out, I was upset that they were not 'show-accurate' because I thought they were not going to be on the show. But now I know they will appear on the show, so they are quote, end quote "Show-Accurate." Now I have no problem with them. I do wish they had kept this for later and released the normal suit figures first. I feel like Bandai and PR producers leave us in the dark and then we are to assume things and from digging, we find info out.

Above is a 2010 figure with the original Auto-Morphin Tommy head attached by a fan. Maybe I was spoiled by toys in the 80's like Thundercats, Transformers and Ninja Turtles, where they made toys of stuff that was actually on the show. Sure, some of them didn't have all the paint, but dang it, the Ninja Turtles were 'show-accurate.' The reason kids have toys, for the most part, is to play with---but also they feel like they have EXACTLY what they see on the screen (big or small). For example in Toy Story, John Lasseter (creator) spoke that he had Thinkway toy company make toys that were exactly that size. Thinkway had planned to be small, but they took the risk, made a lot of money. Go to 1:45 mark:

He uses the word "Authentic." Good point. It doesn't have to be 'Exactly' like the ones on the show, I know I used caplocks on it before, but just to make a point. I believe that if the figure looks off, not at all like what you see in a film or show, it doesn't feel like it is what it suppose to be, like it is a rip-off. So if you don't care about how it looks, then just buy a rip-off. There is a thing to be said about quality. Look at those toy companies that are still on top like Mattel, Hasbro, Fisherprice, and Playskool, there is a reason why and it is quality. They deliver quality products. Above is a picture of a fan adding more paint to an existing Camile figure to match her look on the show [Rather, Mele in Gekiranger because of her chest (it was censored in Jungle Fury)].


Mugen said...

Having a show accurate Figure for sure is a pro, especially for Display purposes.

And that is actually a nice looking Mele Custom. Camille just always looked wrong to me, due to the fact that one of the main characteristics of a chameleon is the eyes.

Unknown said...

I still think it's just A fan whim... Like keeping the figures in thier boxes. But now I kind of understand.