Thursday, August 28, 2014

Silver Ranger Kid Gold Mode Costume and past Sixth Rangers

Silver Ranger Gold Muscle Child Halloween Costume
There are about five Sixth Rangers (Mighty Morphin Green, Silver Space Ranger, White Dino Ranger, RPM Gold and RPM Silver) that did not get a regular Kids Costume, let's look at the history...
Green Mighty Morphin Ranger
Kids got a sewing pattern (My mom made a costume for my cousin, it still exists). And an Adult one was made around either 2010 or 2011. Kids never got a regular official one.
White Mighty Morphin Ranger
White Ranger did get a kids version, different versions in 1995 and 1996. Also a 2010 one. A White Ninja Ranger costume was also made included sewing patterns for the regular ranger and ninja.
Gold Zeo Ranger
Phantom Ranger
While not on the armor (because he wasn't a major hero in Sentai), his costume was made for Turbo in 1997 and was repackaged for In Space in 1998 in place of the Silver Space Ranger. Yes, the Silver Space Ranger never got a costume. The reason is unknown.
Magna Defender
Even though not on the armor (because he is considered a Extra Hero), he had a costume back in 1999 for Lost Galaxy.
Titanium Ranger
Even though not on the armor (because he is an exclusive American Ranger), he got a costume.
Quantum Ranger
As I have mentioned before, Quantum had a difference from the show and promotional stuff like illustrations and the costume with two lines, darker red and a yellow badge on the helmet.
Lunar Wolf Ranger
Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm)
White Dino Ranger didn't get a costume but Triassic Ranger did. This reason is unknown.
Omega Ranger
Omega and Shadow Ranger both got costumes.
Solaris Knight
He got called "Special Ranger."
Mercury Ranger
Gold Samurai Ranger
RPM Gold and Silver did not get costumes because the main 5 did. All 5 Jungle Fury Rangers did as well. Gold Samurai got toddler, regular, muscle and Mega Mode.
Robo Knight
He got toddler, regular and muscle.
Silver Super Megaforce Ranger

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