Saturday, December 24, 2011

Power Ranger Communicators

Thanks to Rovang's Power Rangers Unpatched Prop wise we don't know how many they had. But color-wise, let's say there was 10 (2 Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, Pink, Green, White, Gold and Purple)

Billy presents the gang with the five communicators; Blue, Red, Black, Yellow and Pink

 Trini's communicator, first time we see the antanes, rare we see them again

 Billy's blue communicator

 Kim's pink communicator

Zack's black communicator

 Tommy's green communicator, as a kid I thought the second thing was a microphone or headset, but I have no idea what it is now.

Tommy's white communicator

Adam's black communicator, we never saw the first trio during the power transfer out of suit so we didn't see them pass over the communicators.

Rocky's red communicator

Aisha's Yellow communicator
 Kat's Pink Communicator

 Tommy's red communicator
Rocky's Blue communicator
 Tanya's Yellow communicator

Adam's green communicator

Jason's golden communicator with black stripes, other communicators are silver and just change stripes. This is the only one that was a different color.

 Billy still wore his blue communicator, kinda hard to tell here. It is unknown if he took it with him when he went to Aquitar, most likely.

Image from Power Rangers Unpatched, Billy's blue communicator (at the bottom of the Zeo hand pile)

Carlos' Green Communicator

TJ's Red communicator

Justin's blue communicator, most likely Rocky gave him his because Rocky didn't wear one in the first ep of Turbo.

 Cassie's pink
by Space, they made a different sound, like the one from the Astro Morphers which was like a worp. Anyway, this is the last season to have the communicators.

 Ashley's Yellow

 Carlos' Black Communicator

Andros' Red Communicator (rarely seen)

 TJ's Blue communictor, hard to find a close-up pic; unknown if they took Justin's or just had Alpha make another one.

 Karone's 'honorary power ranger' jumpsuit (looks like a janitor jumpsuit).

Notice the purple pyramid, like the color rnager-color pyramids with lighting bolts. Instead of ranger-color coded bar, they are all purple and the communicator has purple stripes. We don't exactly see her wear the communicator.

Also... have you guys ever seen this???
 Sweat suits just like the space suits, with the giant 'M' on the back, the pyramid with lighting bolt and ranger-color bars on the left and the 'planet' sign on the right. No badges on arms, just lines.

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