Monday, April 29, 2013

SPOILERS: Super Megaforce #6

Updated with Samurai cast news
This week we are getting some more pictures of Super Megaforce shooting and it gives more head scratchers and jumping speculations.

Andros' robe:

Gokaiger body-switching monster (Ep 27) spotted with Gokai Blue:
Oh just shooting inside a studio against  agreen screen, just humdrum. La La. But... Look, oh is that the... uh.. the crow's nest of the Gokai Galleon or Red (Ship) Zord. Fellow Power Force member Mr. Yellow found this.

Monsters already confirmed:
Regaeru from Gokaiger Episode 27 (Body-switching monster)

Gokaiger monster Daiyaru Episode 29 (Abaranger tribute)

 Gokaiger monster Arumadon Episode 17 (Silver Ranger debut)

More rumored cameos:
- Cameron Jebo (Silver PRSM) was seen contacting Emma Lahana (Kira/Yellow Dino Thunder) on Facebook or Twitter with some comradery. Hector David Jr is also seen tweeting with her but that could be they met at a convention or something.
- Samuel Benta (Will/Operation Overdrive) alluded to being asked to come back.
- Saban Brands asked fans to find Austin St. John to contact them.
- Jason Faunt (Wes/Time Force) hinted he might be heading to New Zealand but no details.
- Steven Cardenas (Rocky/MMPR) reportedly declined a small cameo appearance because the pay wasn't enough to excuse for being away from work (his own gym/dojo).
- Rhett Fisher (Titanium Ranger) Tweeted: "Guess who was invited to do a cameo on PR Megaforce and then un-invited the next week because of budget restrictions."
Najee De-Tiege confirms that he and the rest of the cast (not confirmed that Steven Skyler will come back as of yet) will return to New Zealand. My guess is that they are shooting a Megaforce-Samurai teamup. My hopes is that it will be set in Season 1 and not Season 2 so we can have the Goseiger vs. Shinkenger footage where Gold gets super mode and all the six Rangers are in super mode and Gedou Shinken Red (Dark Red Ranger).
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Unknown said...

Maybe Silver will wear Andros' robe and be introduced during the Space tribute episode. 'Twould be fitting.

Unknown said...

What is it with saban and lost galaxy, is that his favorite series