Monday, October 27, 2014

Toy Week: Non-Halloween All Year Masks

Since Halloween is upon us, I figured I'd cover the masks they made. Japan has them for many years since Sentai started I believe.
 Samurai Red Masks
The one on left is from Bandai and is Mega Mode. It is heavy duty, with a nose protector in the back. The one on the right is from Party City, a basic mask with skinny string on back.

Samurai Blue and Gold Masks
Both in Mega Mode, I think there was a regular gold one too. 

Green and Pink Samurai Mega Mode Masks
First time there was a Pink Ranger mask outside Halloween, these came out in 2012.

Red Shogun Ranger Helmet
It is a full kid helmet, it fits some adults, it is like the Mission Helmets but without sound effects.

Robo Knight and Red Megaforce Mask
Deluxe masks with nose guards and black straps, came with cards

Blue and Black Megaforce Mask
Masks with nose guards and black straps, came with cards

 Super Megaforce Masks
Red, Blue and Green.

Mighty Morphin Pink Adult Mask
Mask for women, I forget what year it came out in.

Mighty Morphin Red Adult Mask
Mask for men, mostly available for Halloween.

Operation Overdrive Mission Helmet
Not show accurate but it was for kids, some adults and had a video game inside.

Red Jungle Fury Mission Helmet
Similar but of the Master Mode, show accurate with the claw gauntlets.

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