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Toy Week: Power Ranger Mega Bloks Blind Pack Codes

UPDATED 2/20/15
I have covered the blind pack figures before but I didn't put the secret codes before, so here there are. Samurai ones are not in major retailers anymore but maybe you still find the blind packs on ebay or discount stores. Megaforce ones can still be found at Walgreens. Super Megaforce ones are rare but have been spotted at Target. You find these codes on the back of the packages on the sides embossed, not printed.

Megaforce Micro Action Figure Series 1
Red Ranger with Mega Blaster w/ Red Dragon -  Common - A06122MM
 Translucent Red Ranger with Red Dragon Sword - Ultra Rare - A05122MM
Black Ranger (Translucent) - Rare - A11122MM
Blue Ranger with Mega Blaster with Shark- Common - A12122MM

 Pink Ranger with Mega Blaster - Rare - A04122MM
Battle Damaged Yellow Ranger with Mega Blaster with Tiger - Common - A10122MM

Loogie with two axes -  Common - A03122MM
Robo Knight- Secret Rare - A07122MM
 Megaforce Micro Action Figure Series 2

Battle Damaged Red - Common  A06053MM

Red Ranger Ultra Mode Translucent - Ultra Rare - A13053MM

 Battle Damaged Black Ranger - Common - A07053MM

 Translucent Blue Ranger - Rare - A09053MM

Yellow Ranger with Tiger Claw - Common - A08053MM

Transculent Vrax with claws - Rare - A15053MM

Glow in the Dark Loogie with two axes -  Common - A14053MM
Translucent Mighty Morphin Red Ranger with Blade Blaster - Secret Rare - Unknown

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  Super Megaforce Micro Action Figure Series 1
I couldn't find the codes for series 2.
Red Samurai Ranger - Rare - A16113GT
RPM Red - Super Rare - A18113GT

Transulent Red Super Mega Ranger with Red Super Mega Sword - Rare - A11113GT

Battle Damaged Blue Super Megaforce Ranger - Common - A12113GT

Green Super Megaforce Ranger with Silver Sword - Common - A13113GT 

Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger - Common - A14113GT

Translucent Silver Super Megaforce Ranger with Yellow Sword -Secret Rare -A19113GT

X-Borg Figure -Common - A15113GT

Samurai Micro Action Figure Series 3
Battle Damaged Red Ranger - Common - A11102WW (Picture unavailable)
 Super Mega Mode Samurai Green -  Rare - A10102WW
Mega Mode Samurai Yellow - Common - A12102WW

Translucent Red Ranger Super Mega Mode - Ultra Rare - A14102WW
Regular Pink - Common - A15102WW

Translucent Gold Ranger Samurai Mode -Rare - A09102WW

Solid Super Mega Gold figure - Secret Rare - A17102WW

 Training Blue - Common - A07102WW

 Translucent Mooger - Common  A16102WW

 Samurai Micro Action Figure Series 2
All-Red Red Ranger Mega Mode - Secret Rare

Metallic Red Ranger Samurai Mode - Common - A03062WW
Translucent Mega Red - Rare - A07062WW
Blue Ranger Mega Mode - Common - A12062WW
Translucent Blue Ranger Super Samurai Mode - Ultra Rare- A11062WW

 Green Ranger Super Samurai Mode - Rare - A06062WW
Battle Damage Gold Ranger - Common - A10062WW

 Yellow Ranger Training Mode - rare - A04062WW

 Bulk - Rare - A08062WW
Flying Mooger - Common - A05062WW

 Samurai Micro Action Figure Series 1
There are different codes for series one.
Mega Mode Pink Ranger - Rare - A04111WW, A05121WW, A15022WW
Samurai Gold with Barracuda Blade - Rare - A09111WW, A09121WW, A18111WW, A10012WW, A20022WW

 Deker (human form) with Uramasa - A08111WW, A09012WW, A19022WW, A18031WW

 Training Mode Red with Spin Sword Common - A06111WW, A06121WW, A15111WW, A15121WW, A16022WW
 Samurai Red with Fire Smasher (translucent) - Ultra Rare - A01111WW, A01121WW, A11111WW, A11032WW

 Training Mode Green with Spin Sword - Common - A03111WW, A13111WW, A04121WW, A14022WW
Battle Damage Samurai Blue Ranger - Common - A02121WW, A11111WW, A03012WW, A13022WW, A12121WW
Mooger - Common - A07111WW, A07121WW, A16111WW, A08012WW, A17022WW, A19121WW 

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