Thursday, December 26, 2013

Some Exclusive Zyu2 Footage at

I am obsessed with Zyu 2 footage. Zyu 2 is a fan-term for the footage that Toei made for Saban for Power Rangers Season 1 and 2. Fellow Power Force Member John Green (grnrngr) has gotten hold of some footage from an anonymous source of Bloom of Doom and Invenusable Flytrap which has Megazord footage. He will be putting them as clips on his site like everything else for Zyu2. So this is to come in 2014.

His Zyu2 Footage section


DylanGeronimo said...

What's with the overwhelming interest in Zyu 2 footage? Also, this may be a silly question but, was there...a plot with the japanese sentai footage? Or did they just film fight scenes and word fights?

Lavender Ranger said...

I explained on Twitter that ZYU2, especially stuff Saban didn't use like Dino Megazord and original putty fights for season 2, is like unseen MMPR episodes.

No, the Zyu2 footage--other than having the same Zyuranger suits--have no connection to zyuranger. I mean, at its core, Zyu2 is just monster of the day stuff, just fight scenes. But its filmed like sentai and its cool to see Dino Megazord in action.