Monday, February 15, 2016

Zyuohger: 6th member and more Cubes

UPDATED 2/16/16 10PM EST
 ZyuOh The World is the sixth member of Zyuohger, he is a mix of a golden (or orange) crocodile, black Rhino and silver Wolf. 

This is a mock-up image, as the catalog pics have either watermarks or wrinkles in pages. Bascially his legs, globes and boots are black.

Zyuoh the World's gun rod.

Zyuoh the Light
Zyuoh the World's henshin device is a flashlight.

Cube Moguira which is a drill /mole and Cube Kuma, Kuma means bear, this is the first bear to be brown. 

  Crocodile and Wolf  are #7 and #8 for Zyuoh The World.

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