Sunday, July 27, 2008

Go-Onger: Triptor's Gender?

I have been wrong before. But, it is getting sort of debatable over the gender of Toripter/Triptor. Triptor is a mix of a helicopter and a chicken. Some believed it was a rooster, but from its hologram, it has a waddle, and 'Niwatori' means chicken in Japanese. Triptor is voiced by a voice actress, Shizuka Ishikawa. Now, it was originally believed that their helper Bomper was female, because he has a voice actress and his pink color but it has been accessed that the actress is simply playing a young boy's voice. Now, some have thought Triptor is a young boy, but the voice clearly sounds to be female to me. Also, Go-On Gold's sister Go-On Silver has a male partner Jetoras. So I believe if the girl has a boy, then the boy should have a girl partner. I do not know why everyone is so against Triptor being female. On the show, they haven't referred to Triptor as either male nor female. But Bomper has been referred to as male.

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