Friday, August 15, 2008

Saban and his toys

We all know Bandai Japan produces the Super Sentai toys, Bandai America produces the Power Rangers toys, and that all Toei company shows toys are made by Bandai Japan. When MMPR hit big back in 1993, Saban tried a bunch of series, all from Toei company shows, but not all the toys were produced by Bandai America.

Spielban and Metalder
Spielban (1986) and Metalder (1987), both Metal Hero series toys were produced by Bandai.

VR Troopers
But when both series were made into VR Troopers (1994), it did not air on Fox Kids like Power Rangers. VR Troopers was syndicated and surprisingly, the toys were not produced by Bandai. The reason is unknown for this but the toys were made by Kenner, best known for being the first to produce the Care Bears in the 80's and also Batman. They were mostly new action figures produced. I don't know if the vehicles were the same mold, I doubt it. Some theorized Bandai Japan didn't have the molds anymore since the series were old (7-8 year difference) and Bandai America didn't want to make new molds, but that didn't stop them to do Masked Rider toys.

Kamen Rider Black RX / Masked Rider
Kamen Rider Black RX became Masked Rider in 1995, and Bandai Japan produced the Kamen Rider toys in 1989, Bandai America produced the Masked Rider toys in 1995. Masked Rider aired on Fox Kids and every other series Saban did after that aired on Fox Kids. Maybe the reason Bandai decided to do this with the six year difference was after not doing Metal Hero/VR Troopers.

B-Fighter / Beetleborgs
B-Fighter (Early 1996) became BeetleBorgs (Late 1996) and Bandai stayed on board, dunno if they were new molds, looks like yes. Maybe not the ATVs. I never owned any of these toys.

Ninja Turtles: Next Mutation
Saban acquired the Ninja Turtles for Ninja Turtles: Next Mutation (1997), but Playmates that made the toys for the Turtles, continue making them. In this rare catalog pictures, the colors are bit saturated but Venus is a orangey color other than her permanent light blue color.

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
Since Mystic Knights (1998) was completely original series with no Tokusatsu footage, Bandai America had to make new toys. Only one toy has been repackaged for Power Rangers, and that was one of their dragons for Mystic Force (2006).

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