Saturday, November 29, 2008

Scott Bailey is Kamen Rider Ohja???

Now in the following weeks, we are getting more and more info on "Kamen Rider Dragon Knight" with pictures and such as it will be premiering on CW4Kids in January. Now I got the shock of my life today to find out Scott Bailey (best known to soap fans as Sandy Foster in "The Guiding Light" and to everyone as the centaur in those Old Spice commercials) will be playing James "JTC"/Kamen Rider Strike, the equivalent of Kamen Rider Ohja. Kamen Rider Ohja was the most dangerous of all the Kamen Riders in Kamen Rider Ryuki. Least to say, he was a serial killer and psychopath, sadistic and homicidal. I highly doubt he will be the same, but perhaps he will just be 'evil.' Oooh, the cast just gets hotter and hotter.

On another note, William O'Leary is also in the cast. He played Tim Taylor's brother Martin 'Marty' Taylor in "Home Improvement," he looks a lot like Doug Stanhope and I thought Doug was William. Hah.

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