Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Engines?!

As expected, we are getting a repainted Speedor, his name is Skydor. I don't know yet if it is an upgrade to Speedor or a relative.

But now there seems to be more Engines. The zords from the Power Ranger RPM Torque Megazord are much elaborate. But I am sure since the Engines below look like the other Engines on the show (puppets/models), they will appear on the show again. Some of them appeared on the show's first episode. But you never know.

The first episode:

I was curious about the zords from the Torque Megazord and the extra mini zords and everyone has said things here and there but not a full list. And I think a reason why people haven't said what the zords are. --Let me clarify I don't think this will appear on the show.

My guesses:
Torque Megazord
Purple bat/race car?
Blue bird/drill car? at first I thought it was a Enchilla but looks more like a bird
Black panther/fire engine---looks like a panther to me.

Extra zords
We know all the
Purple Cobra/Formula F-1 race car
Black frog/buggy
Red feline/pick-up truck---some kind of kitty or fox.

UPDATE 2/9/09:
Yeah, the Engines from above only appear in Episode 1. SkyDor is a toy-only deal.


Unknown said...

if I'm not mistaken, I read they're only promoted as toys...
may not or never appear in the show...
I might be wrong but there's a high chance that those will not be used in the show...

USDM420X said...

Does it have the vehicles from Carranger?