Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Orange and Periwinkle... pattern?

Maybe this has been said before, but I notice an pattern with the additional mecha since Gaoranger. Of course, Gaoranger is the first sentai to have additional mecha. Whatever color you consider the light blue, I consider it periwinkle. The pattern is that in most Sentai that has many mecha, that the first additional mecha is traditional orange and periwinkle.

2001 - Gaoranger
Light Teal-Blue Gao Elephant and Orange Gao Giraffe

2003 - Abaranger
Now with Abaranger, the first of the additional mecha was the periwinkle Dimekodon but instead of orange, we got the purple Bakyceloknuckles.

The fifth to come out was Ankyloveilus, which was orange.

2006 - Boukenger
The first two, just like Gaoranger, Boukenger had the orange Gogo Drill and the light aqua Gogo Shovel.

2008 - Shinkenger
Now, with the trdition of Gaoranger and Boukenger, orange Kabuto OriGami and periwinkle Kajiki OriGami are the first of the additional mecha.

Gekiranger is the only one that had perwinkle in the additional mecha but no orange. Of course, Dekaranger and Magiranger had no extravagant amount of additional mecha.

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