Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: Vented Score Card #5

There are seven Riders active now, un-vented, so let's consider this the un-vented card. I didn't put Adam because it wouldn't fit or look good. So we got Adam/dragon Knight, Kit/Onyx, Len/Wing Knight, Chance/Torque, Price/Strike, Hunt/Axe, and Kase/Siren. This is from the point of Episode 35. There are six more Riders to be un-vented and they haven't been by Episode 38, but I have a picture of the original Ventaran Thrust [Above]--I thought it was Brad but it turned out to be a Ventaran by the jacket.

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Unknown said...

I think Adam as Dragon Knight is such a jerk. How pitiful he is.