Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Skirting the Issue

UPDATED 2/8/11
I thought this was self-explanatory but this is FOR GOKAIGER ONLY! The Gokaiger become past Rangers from the past 34 teams. They borrow or copy the powers. When a female becomes a male character, she dons a skirt. When a male becomes a female character, the skirt is gone. They are NOT REPLACING the warriors, rangers or heroes. This is only for the 2011 Super Sentai series.

This whole skirt-switching thing has become a big debate among Sentai fans (even Japanese fans). I don't know about Japanese fans. I just want to say that this is no way the end (some fans thinks this is the end of Sentai) and just because Gokai Yellow dons a skirt when she becomes Big One, doesn't mean Big One himself is gaining a skirt, nor that it is permanent. It is not him, it is Gokai Yellow. Here are pictures I made for fans that may not be familiar with the suits, or the layperson who might not know how many were changed for Go-Kaiger.
Ki Ranger (初代キレンジャー), Yellow becomes Big One (ビッグワン), Yellow becomes Battle Cossack (バトルコサック), Denji Yellow (デンジイエロー), Vul Panther (バルパンサー), Goggle Yellow (ゴーグルイエロー), Dyna Yellow (ダイナイエロー), Yellow Lion (イエローライオン), Blue became Blue Dolphin (ブルードルフィン) in the tribute (Yellow became the female version in 45), Pink becomes Black Bison (ブラックバイソン) in the Liveman tribute, and Gokai Yellow can become Yellow Turbo (イエローターボ).

 Pink became Go-On Black (ゴーオンブラック), Pink became GekiChopper (ゲキチョッパー), Gokai Blue became MagiBlue (マジブルー), Yellow became Magi Yellow (マジイエロー), Hurricane Yellow (陸忍ハリケンイエロー), Gokai Blue became Hurricanger Blue (水忍ハリケンブルー ), Pink became Kuwagata Raiger (牙忍クワガライジャー), Gokai Yellow becomes GaoYellow (ガオイエロー), Time Yellow (タイムイエロー), Go Yellow (ゴーイエロー), Ginga Yellow (ギンガイエロー), Tiger Ranger ( タイガーレンジャー)

Gokai Yellow became Ninja Yellow (ニンジャイエロー), Kirin Ranger (キリンレンジャー), Yellow Owl (イエローオウル), Gokai Blue becomes Blue Swallow (ブルースワロー), Yellow and Pink became Geki Red (ゲキレッド), and Pink and Yellow became Magi Red (マジレッド). And in Episode 3, Yellow became Ninja Black. Gokai Pink has become Green Flash twice (in 43 and 49). Yellow became Shishi Ranger in 43. Gokai Silver has yet to become a male version of Go-On Silver. Gokai Pink became Ginga Red in 45 and Yellow became Ginga Red in 48. Gokai Blue became Pink Flash in Gokaiger vs. Gavan. Gokai Red became Pteraranger in Gokaiger vs. Gavan. Boys also became Denji Pink and Five Pink but those were gender-neutral suits. Yellow became Zuuban but with no alteration to the costume, Zuuban is pretty much genderless but has a male voice. In the Gokaiger stageshows, Yellow became Deka Red and Go-On Red too.

This is why I love Super Sentai and Toei, they are always mixing it up. They establish the rules (most girls get skirts, most girls are white, yellow, pink and sometimes blue), and then break it all down. In Gokaiger, the girls have let to be almost every color (save for Violet).

I wanted to know if the Japanese fans felt the same way and I found this:

And they do say 'Why does Big One have a skirt?' and 'Miss America has a deeper Pink.' and 'Pink is not the place that you mention it Abarekiller.' Some interesting comments were: "It is a sexy Kuwagaraija." They also speculate that the Sixth Ranger might summon Rangers like Kamen Rider Diend. The grammar is off because of google translator. Someone was even asking about Mele and Rio.


Mugen said...

Exactly. Seriously, just because she can change into Big One, does not mean that she replaces him. Or did Decade having the ability to change into other Riders mean that he replaces them? No it didn't.
All it means was that he had access to their powers.
The very same is true here.

Seriously, that is even worse than people dismissing Nene from Digimon Xros Wars as weak because she was not in the best condition after she had a traumatic experience where she got sucked into a sphere of darkness ( of the evil kind ), got overworked, then betrayed and finally tossed away like some piece of trash by the very same Digimon who still holds her brother hostage.

Anonymous said...

random question lavender ranger do you prefer the toys of super sentai or the plot because the hole big one thing makes me think about that is it the story we love or the products i think you did a poll on this

Lavender Ranger said...

Anonymous, I haven't done a poll on that, now I am inclined to do so. I like both but most of all story. Because for example, Boukenger I wasn't crazy about the toys but I liked the story and acting. But when it came to PROO, story sucked so didn't like it at all. Magiranger/Mystic Force, I liked the designs and toys, the story was okay but both fiddled out through the middle. Did you mean the whole Big One thing?

Anonymous said...

what i meant was that think about the toy big one and the original big one was the leader and now it looks like "she" is going on the side personally i wish the six ranger would of taken jakq as the main 4 and i liked the boukenger toys i mean apperently proo seemed to be bad all around but anyway i was wondering is it the toys that make the sentai or the plot

i like looking up all the stuff they make for power rangers and sentai but it makes my head spin when i realized that it must be a very big market for the toys and that goes for kamen rider too.

back in the day t i think it was story driven but now i think toys just like sentai and power rangers

today i was wondering why is sentai power rangers so popular is it the product or the story

Mugen said...

Big One showed up pretty late in JAKQ's run, didn't he? But seriously she is using only his powers. Meaning that the Girl is the strongest for change.

Hmm, with MagiBlue becoming male, would that affect the MagiMajin Form? I wonder if MagiMermaid would become either just a MagiMerman or MagiGillman.
MagiGaruda should be unaffected.

Lavender Ranger said...

Mugen, I didn't think of that. MagiMermaid has a breast plate and the only 'zord' of the female blues that is the most 'feminine.' Dolphins and Swallows are interchangeable.

Chantal said...

i dont think it matters if they add a not the past heroes, its the goukaiger team.. so if its a girl, they have to give it a skirt

One piece said...

Does this mean that the men are gonna be transforming into the pink rangers? Thats going to be pretty weird. The girls look pretty cute as the men ranger.

Lavender Ranger said...

No, no men will become Pink, so far that we see. You never know.

Agagooga said...

Okay, I don't get it. When did all the male rangers become female ones? Is it from a magazine spread?

Lavender Ranger said...

Yes this is from a magazine, a photograph of one, not a scan.