Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Go-Busters: Beet Buster (and Frog)

New pics from new catalogue. The details are as follows:

DX BC-04 Go-Buster Beet:
Releases- July
Price- 4,800 yen
Info- BeetBuster's Buster Machine. Transforms from Beetle to Crane Car to Robo. Combines with Stag Beetle to form Buster Heracles.

SJ-05 Stag Beetle:
Releases- July
Price- 2,800 yen
Info- StagBuster's Buster Machine. Transforms from Stag Beetle to Jet. Combines with Go-Buster Ace to form Go-Buster Ace Stag Custom; combines with Buster Beet to form Buster Heracles. In Jet mode, it can slide on/launch from Buster Beet in Crane Car Mode. It's pincers move in Stag Beetle Mode.

FS-0O (zero Oh) Frog:
Releases- August
Info- Movie version Buster Machine, recolor of Rabbit into a Submarine/Frog. Doesn't seem to have alternate mode, rather, it's just an amphibious vehicle. Frog combines with Ace and Gorilla to form Go-Buster Kero Oh. 

Great Go-BusterOh:
The Gattai between the 5 Buster Machines- Ace, Gorilla, Rabbit, Beet and Stag Beetle.

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