Friday, May 18, 2012

Ethnicity Articles

updated 2/3/18
The following past posts talk about casts and the diverse ethnicity. The most diverse casts include Time Force, Wild Force and Samurai, the one that is less diverse is Jungle Fury. Jungle Fury only has one Asian of a team of five, while the rest are Caucasian. There has been no female African-American Ranger since Time Force. I think it has to do with the filming in New Zealand which makes it a narrow cast search and also, I think it has to do with the Asian stunt women matching the actresses. Teams that have no had no African-Americans have been Ninja Storm, Jungle Fury and Mystic Force. Teams lead by an African-American are Turbo, SPD and RPM. Casts without Latinos have been Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Jungle Fury and RPM. And Sixth Rangers have only been Caucasian, Latino, and Asian. We yet to have African-American Sixth Ranger, an Asian Red Ranger, and African-American Pink Ranger until Shelby of dino charge.

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Gideon said...

I'll like to see an African-American Pink Ranger and 6th ranger.. :)