Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kamen Rider 2012 Rumors and Spoilers

The newest rumor for Kamen Rider in 2012 is Kamen Rider Xi, a ninja or samurai theme. Take all these rumors with a grain of salt, it can change. It all sounds legit to me, it seems they are going off the numeral gimmick of Double, OOO and Fourze. The gimmick with little robots (like how Hibiki had his discs, OOO had the soda can stuff and Fourze has the Foodroids) this time seems to be puzzles.

From TokuInsider:
The 2012 Kamen Rider, apparently pictured above, is to be known as "Kamen Rider Xi" or "Kamen Rider Saido". The name coming from both "Xi" and "Saido" meaning color saturation. His base color is pitch black. His throwing star-visor is transparent, showing the rider face through it. He also may have Shuriken weapons. 

-Kamen Rider Sai will have "PuzzleRoids" as his robot partners. The roids so far have a legendary beast motif (kitsune, genbu, houou).

Toy Releases:
RHXi Kamen Rider Xi Pin Form- 800 yen
DX XiDriver and Kinesis Cubes 1, 2, and 3- 7,800 yen
PuzzleRoid 01 KyuubiKitsune- 2,500 yen
PuzzleRoid 02 HebinoOkameGenbu- 2,500 yen
PuzzleRoid 03 KireinaoHouHou- 2,500 yen

DX KaitenKen SaiKorlia


James Spiring said...

This rumour has been debunked.

Lavender Ranger said...

Ay, nunca pega una!

Anonymous said...

i heard a diffeerent rumor at first, it was like using iphone to henshin..
something like that..