Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mobility in Monster and Villain Costumes

This is from Dora Liggins of Rangerboard that started talking about mobility in the costumes of the monsters in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Zyuranger and I thought I'd do a post about it. There some Zeo and Turbo in there. If you hae any others with limited mobility, let me know. Here are some he believes had limited mobility:

Chunky Chicken
Gnarly Gnome
The Mighty Minotaur
Pudgy Pig
American Goldar (Though he got better later)
King Mondo
Turban Shell
Drammole is the most infamous for slowing walking and lack of mobility.
Scorpina's Worm

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Jonathan said...

I applaud the stuntmen/women (if any played monsters) on both sides of the coast for playing those roles. No one roots for them and , as you point out, they ain't exactly shorts and a t shirt. My hats go off to them.