Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who is who in "Legendary Battle" (a.k.a. Mega War)

UPDATED 3/29/14 4 PM EST
 Spoilers ahead

We got 6 teams of 5 (RPM, SPD, Wild Force, Mystic Force, PROO and Aquitar) out of the 17 teams. 5 teams of 3 (Samurai, NS, JF, PRLR, and PRiS), 2 teams of 2 (MMPR, and TF), and 4 teams of 4 (Lost Galaxy, Dino Thunder, Zeo, Turbo). Now MF and JF could be teams of 3. According to the preview of Jason David Frank's "My Morphin' Life", he says the script says there are other groups of Rangers that appear. JDF called it the 'Mega War,' in it will in the last episode of Super Megaforce.

Pics from Nick promo:

Thanks to these pic we got more:

1. Tommy Green Ranger

RPM Blue suit guy Sean Datar said they were there. 2 months later we finally got this picture on June 28/29. I was doubting they were even there!
 2. Red Alien Ranger
 3. Blue Alien Ranger 
4. Black Alien Ranger
 5. White Alien Ranger
6. Yellow Alien Ranger

7. Zeo Ranger IV Green

8 Zeo Ranger III Blue

9 Zeo Ranger II Yellow
10. Zeo Ranger I Pink
Thanks to Marvista http://www.marvista.net/Details.aspx?id=2d30eadc-caae-e311-a4a4-d4ae527c3b65

11. Pink Turbo Ranger
12. Green Turbo Ranger
13. Yellow Turbo Ranger
 From preview of Jason David Frank's "My Morphin' Life."

14. Blue Turbo Ranger
thanks to Marvista

15 Cassie Pink Ranger
16 TJ Blue Ranger
17 Silver Space Ranger


18 Leo Red Ranger
 19 Karone Pink Ranger
20 Damon Green Ranger
 21 Magna Defender

22 Carter Red Ranger
23 Dana Pink Ranger
24 Titanium Ranger

25 Wes Red Ranger
26 Quantum Ranger

27 Black Wild Force Ranger
28 Red Wild Force Ranger
29 Blue Wild Force Ranger 
30 Yellow Wild Force Ranger
31 White Wild Force Ranger

32 Red Wind Ranger
33 Yellow Wind Ranger
 34 Blue Wind Ranger


35 Red Dino Ranger
36 Blue Dino Ranger
37 White Dino Ranger
38 Yellow Dino Ranger

39 Yellow SPD Ranger (check Dino Thunder)
40 Pink SPD Ranger
41 Green SPD Ranger
42 Red SPD Ranger
43 Blue SPD Ranger

44 Blue Mystic Force Ranger
45 Green Mystic Force Ranger
 46 Pink Mystic Force Ranger
 47 Yellow Mystic Force Ranger
48 Red Mystic Force Ranger (Presumably)

49 Pink Ranger
50 Yellow Ranger
51 Red Ranger
52 Blue Ranger
53 Black Ranger


 54 Yellow Ranger
55 Blue Jaguar Ranger
56 Red Tiger Ranger

57 Ranger Red
58 Ranger Blue
59 Ranger Green
60 Ranger Yellow
61 Ranger Black

62 Mike Green Ranger
63 Emily Yellow Ranger
64 Gold Samurai Ranger

65 Red Megaforce Ranger
66 Black Megaforce Ranger
67 Pink Megaforce Ranger
68 Blue Megaforce Ranger
69 Yellow MegaforceRanger
70 Silver Super Megaforce Ranger

Also what has me concerned is that select Rangers are there, there are significant members of MMPR (5 members missing), Lost Galaxy (Yellow and Blue), Lightspeed (Yellow, Green and Blue), Time Force (non Red Rangers), Wild Force (Silver), Ninja Storm (Crimson, Navy and Green), and Jungle Fury (Violet and White) that are missing. We have around 70 or so Rangers at the set, it should be around 100.

This is what we've seen so far, there has to be more:
14 Red Rangers (AR, LG, LR, TF, Q, WF, NS, DT, SPD, MF, OO, JF, RPM, MF, M)
13 Blue Rangers (AR, Zeo, PRT, PRiS, WF, NS, DT, SPD, MF, OO, JF, RPM, M)
11 Yellow Rangers (AR, PRT, WF, NS, DT, SPD, OO, JF, RPM, PRS, M)
8 Green Rangers (MMPR, PRZ, PRT, LG, SPD, MF, RPM, PRS)
7 Pink Rangers (PRT, PRZ, PRiS, LG, LR, SPD, OO)
5 Black Rangers  (AR, OO, WF, RPM, M)
 3 Silver Rangers (PRiS, LR, SM)
4 White Ranger (MMPR, AR, WF, DT)
1 Gold Ranger (PRS)
1 Extra Hero (LG)

[5 Sixth Rangers (Silver, Titanium, Quantum, White Dino, Gold Samurai)]
*Sixth Rangers and Extra Heroes qualified by Gokaiger footage for Super Megaforce

This was already shot. This a shot I and other fans believe was made in New Zealand and not Japan. It has Samurai Red, Jungle Fury and Mystic Force Rangers that were not included in the shot with the veterans. SPD Green and Yellow are in it but maybe to connect the two groups. This shot is from Troy's dream in the first episode "Mega Mission" mixed in with Gokaiger footage.

Actor Sean Datar (https://twitter.com/sean_in_the_mix) was there and was told he would be Lightspeed Blue but ended up being RPM Ranger Blue. I asked him on Twitter and he says that all the teams were represented. I sent him a picture of Aquitar Rangers and asked him if he was there, he said yes. In the Nick Promo, the Aquitar Rangers are walking behind the RPM Rangers.

Missing are:
  1. Red Mighty Morphin
  2. Blue  Mighty Morphin
  3. Pink Mighty Morphin
  4. Yellow Mighty Morphin
  5. Black Mighty Morphin
  6. Ninjor
  7. Zeo Red (for obvious reasons, Tommy)
  8. ----
  9. Zeo Gold
  10. Red Turbo (Probably because of Turbo)
  11. -----
  12. Blue Senturion
  13.  Red Space
  14. Yellow Space (Probably because of Turbo)
  15. Black Space (Probably because of Turbo)
  16. Yellow Galaxy
  17. Blue Galaxy
  18. Yellow Lightspeed
  19. Green Lightspeed
  20. Blue Lightspeed
  21. Blue Time Force
  22. Yellow Time Force
  23. Pink Time Force
  24. Green Time Force
  25. Lunar Wolf Ranger
  26. Crimson Ranger
  27. Navy Ranger
  28. Green Samurai Ranger (PRNS)
  29. Black Dino Ranger (for obvious reasons, Tommy)
  30. Omega SPD Ranger
  31. Shadow Ranger
  32. Kat Ranger
  33. White Mystic Ranger
  34. Wolf Warrior
  35. Solaris Knight
  36. Mercury Ranger
  37. Violet Wolf Ranger
  38. White Rhino Ranger
  39. RPM Ranger Gold
  40. RPM Ranger Silver
  41. Red Samurai
  42. Blue Samurai
  43. Pink Samurai
If you want to be a real stickler, they are also missing Shark Ranger, Bat Ranger, Elephant Ranger, Phantom Ranger and Nova Ranger.


Unknown said...

Odd how Operation Overdrive are all together - sans Mercury - and others only have two or three members.

Carlos Díaz said...

Just remember guys,

Not all Super Sentai actors were on set on the Legend War, just a bunch of them and voices.

Maybe i am going to miss Jason Lee Scott (original red ranger - Austin St. John).

I am just wondering if they are going to use some "american suits", because titanium was unvealed and revealed, but how about Spirit rangers and Special toys RPM Paleo Rangers?

Also, there is a chapter when, in order to transform into all 6 Dino Rangers, why dont create a special american purple dino ranger?(stegaranger, may say, or Abare Hunter if they adapt it to Akibaranger or Super Sentai).

I am just dreaming about it and i told Saban in an email long time ago.

Well, lets keep waiting and speculating!

Unknown said...

Interesting note that no one else is commenting on: This is confirmation that the battle will feature sixth/extra rangers, unlike the sentai counterpart where they were off in the adjacent woods.

Carlos Díaz said...

Yes indeed Victor Santiago.

All sixth/extra rangers will be in the Mega War.

But... i got to say something...

What about if they shot random photos and the rest of the rangers are there? Just speculating.

Cause all Mystic Force are missing, and they got the suits (on Troy dream).

Well, lets wait and see!!!