Sunday, June 16, 2013

No new Kyoryuger or Wizard this week and Hope of Universe card Updates

Like for the past 20 odd years, Super Sentai and Kyoryuger are bot airing this week because of golf. Golf also interrupted Power Rangers back in days of ABC. Anyway, check out my Hope of the Universe page for new updates from the facebook page. Check out my blog this week (maybe Wednesday) for updates from the Licensing Expo. I was going to go but family and money things came about. Fury Diamond will be there.
 Red Jungle Fury Ranger, Blue Jungle Fury Ranger
 Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger, Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger

Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger

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Unknown said...

Golf's not the only thing interrupting Power Rangers now. You gotta understand that this show doesn't fit ANY networks' scheduling practices this time, as opposed to back then (Fox Kids/Family, ABC Family). Nickelodeon (who hates Power Rangers) has put it at 1pm on Saturdays and 8am on Sundays so it can get pre-empted from time to time, and, according to Power Rangers On-Air Central, 1pm is kids' TV exile. Nick's family of networks will do anything to get rid of Power Rangers. Also, despite the fact that Saban owns both Vortexx and Power Rangers, the show has been permanently removed from Vortexx's schedule. Vortexx on the CW also hates Power Rangers. We have 3 new shows (Bolts & Blip coming July 13, Digimon Fusion, and Sendokai Champions), and 1 classic, fan-favorite show (The Spectacular Spider-Man) coming to the lineup, and we don't yet have a list of returning shows, but it's safe to say Power Rangers will never return to The CW. Either The CW had problems with the content, or Sonic X is more popular, even though it's been airing entirely in reruns for 7 years, and Lost Galaxy shorter than that. And with the low ratings Megaforce (and previously Samurai/Super Samurai) keeps getting, I doubt we'll see the later episodes of Megaforce or even Super Megaforce, but the networks just don't care. I don't see Saban shopping it to other networks, either. Let's face it, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons (which used to do PR well with Morphenomenons, Power Plays, and more recently, Colors of Courage), and Vortexx on The CW don't want to celebrate Power Rangers' 20th anniversary (or any anniversary of Power Rangers, for that matter), as opposed to Power Rangers' true partners (Bandai (of course), Shout!, Lionsgate (which has now announced Megaforce DVDs, Netflix, Hulu, Kabillion, etc.). Also, for the ACG, the dual abilities are