Sunday, March 16, 2014

Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Episode Review - Samurai Surprise

Prince Vekar wants the end of the Power Rangers, meanwhile at a grocery store Jake and Noah bump into Jii and his bike. Noah makes Jake realize who he is with a video on his laptop. A purple ship enters the big ship and it is Manticore, sent by Vekar's father to help take over Earth. Vekar decides to go down to Earth himself. Demaras and Levira are against it but Vekar doesn't listen. Vekar, Manticore and Argus. Vekar says it is his eviction notice.
The five Rangers interrupt him, go to Mega and then go Super Mega and fight X-Borgs. They trade weapons. Manticore walks up to them. The Rangers become Mighty Morphin and fight Manticore with their individual weapons Power Daggers, Bow, Lance, Axe and Sword. Vekar claps. The Rangers become Lost Galaxy. Blue goes to fight Vekar but the robot Argus stops him. Noah is knocked out of Legendary Mode. The Galaxy Rangers go down. The four become Super Mega.
Argus does his final strike and Noah goes back to Mega. Vekar tells Argus to obliterate Noah but Noah blasts the sword away and blasts Vekar. Troy picks Noah up. Vekar complains and the others retreat. The three are teleported back. Levira tells Vekar his injury is just a paper cut. Vekar tells Manticore to destroy the rangers. Back at the juice bar, Jake is upset they weren't ready. Jayden arrives and tells them to get their opponent's heads and anticipate moves.
 Jayden orders an plain froyo. Noah recognizes him. Troy says its an honor. Jayden gives them the double sword disc, we are given a flashback to when Jii gave it to Jayden. The three guys marvel at the gift and see Jayden disappeared. The girls come and they get called to duty. They march out. Ernie comes back with the plain froyo, wondering where they went. Manticore tells the Rangers they will pay for hurting Vekar, Jake and Troy degrade Vekar and fight the X-Borgs in civilian form. They morph and fight.
They then go Super Mega Mode. Black Ranger and Manticore fight and Jake insults Vekar, getting Manticore mad. Noah blasts X-Borgs with his bow. Jake is kicked back. They go to Super Mega Mode. Manticore fights the boys. X-Borgs arrive. Troy goes from Ryuuranger to Operation Overdrive to Ninja Storm. Gia goes from Maskman's MaskYellow to In Space to Dino Thunder. Emma goes from Pink Flash from Flashman to Time Force Pink. Jake goes to Zeo. They re-gather, the five go back to Super Mega.
They then go Samurai and destroy Manticore with the double disc.
They call the lion. They combine with it. Jayden and Jii see this from their motorcycles. The Samurai Keys fly in the air and the Rangers grab them. The Lion combine with it and make a Samurai form of the Legendary Megazord. Jayden and Jii think it looks cool. Jii asks about the fro-yo, Jayden says it has to be better than Mia's cooking. They leave on their motorcycles. The five in the cockpit talk about Jayden, Gia saying she think he is cute, Jake gets jealous, Troy says he is green with envy.
What can I say? I actually liked this episode. The only thing that ticked me off was what I already expressed on Twitter about the use of MaskYellow and Pink Flash. I don't like how the powers appear out of nowhere with no explanation or name. It's so shoddy. It just perplexes me as they removed Dynaman from Episode 11 Gokaiger and Midoranger, Green Sai, and DenjiPink from episode 12. Lots of people say that it is 'Saban Logic.' And there are various points like 'why those rangers and not American-made Power Rangers like Titanium Ranger, Phantom Ranger and the Spirit Rangers. Anyway, I digress, let's go to the episode at hand.
Jayden was a delight. The writing was clunky but it was delightful to see Jayden and Jii again, it made sense. I did like the insults that Jake and Jayden delivered towards Prince Vekar, even though some of it was from Gokaiger. It was a good episode with some faults here and there. Even as confusing and infuriating Saban has been, some cast members and moments are enjoyable. This episode sure has divided fans but not as much as "Lost and Found in Translation" of "Dino Thunder."


lionel_B said...

That's the worst ... It was the best episode of Super MegaForce ... But there is this scene with Yellow Mask and PinkFlash ruined everything ... Power Rangers universe is destroyed :'(

Lavender Ranger said...

Lionel, are you saying my opinion was the worst? It's just my opinion.

Vinigullo said...

Again its not Manticore its Matacore. but i Liked the Episode and your review is good not bad.

Carlos Díaz said...

Man, He is only saying "That's worst" regarding changes into some "Sentai Rangers" that weren't shown in America.

And I correct you: The only American made Rangers are Titanium and Spirit Rangers (live action; I add the RPM Paleo Rangers, but toy ones). Phantom Ranger is SRV Master in Carranger.

Carlos Díaz said...

Also, I need to clarify I don't like how Saban is adding a ridiculous "Super" for second seasons. It's very stupid.

And I am very dissappointed about how Saban has treated this season: It should have been taken as Gokaiger, and for the first time parents would have said: "Oh, Power Rangers are teaching my kids how to take care not only the value of Earth, but person values: as courage, humble, friendship and more". Something that Gokaiger had and was a very succesful Sentai, despite Ninjor (Ninjaman) and Phantom Ranger (SRV Master) not participating in Legend War.