Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Mystery of the (Lauren) Red Samurai Ranger Key

 UPDATED 7/29/14 EST
 Like the Zeo Green Ranger, we have been teased about the female Red Samurai Ranger Key. It appears on the back of boxes of not only the Spring Wave but also Fall Wave. The Zeo Green Ranger Key was replaced by Yellow in the Fall Wave toy box backs, but not the Lauren Key. Now that is revealed at SDCC 2014 that we will be getting more keys, hopefully we will get Lauren!
All the Samurai Multipacks the male Red Samurai Ranger was released, not Lauren.
So far it looks like we will not be getting the Lauren key. My theory is that Bandai America didn't have a promotional image of the Jayden key in time for printing and didn't notice it needed changing when re-printing. They probably noticed the Zeo different by color but don't notice a extra stripe of color (not color blind but skirt blind).
The promo pic for the Super Mega Cannon had the female Red Ranger key but instead comes with the Red Samurai Ranger Key (Jayden). Many fans have just painted red on the male key.
Saban Brands will be giving out a translucent Mighty Morphin Green Ranger Key to best cosplays at SDCC. More information at Morphin Legacy. http://www.morphinlegacy.com/2014/07/sabans-sdcc-giveaways-super-mega-video.html#more-27656

Picture from TokuNation:
Power Ranger Cosplayers get a special Translucent Green Ranger Key at SDCC 2014. 

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