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(Spoilers) Vrak is Back, The Wrath and Legendary Battle

UPDATED 9/20/14 10:30 PM EST
If you do not want spoilers, do not press "Read More." It is MAJOR spoilers about a main character. It is from the French airing of "Vrak is Back Part 1 and 2," "The Wrath" and "Legendary Battle"

Most pictures from
The above picture is not from "Vrak is Back," but basically Vrak had captured Robo Knight, he turned him evil, the Rangers fought him and Troy punched and knocked him out in original footage. Orion was kidnapped, RK saved him and gave up his vital force for Orion. We see a Robo Knight key glow in the Command Center. So fans take this as him dying. But in the Legendary Battle, he just appears out of nowhere. No, he isn't introduced and no, it's not Orion using his power, he just appears there. Other complaints is that they didn't become Extra Heroes other than Wolf Warrior, no Gia-centric episode, and no Ninjor episode.
 In "The Wrath," the Super Megaforce Rangers fight Levira and in the Gokaiger footage, Gokaiger transformed into VulEagle (Sun Vulcan), Mask Blue (Maskman), Five Yellow (Fiveman), Change Giffon (Changeman), and Green Flash (Flashman). They replaced VulEagle with Mighty Morphin Red Ranger. But for some reason, they didn't replace the other Pre-Zyu suits. They called them Prism, Thunder, Blitz and Super Sonic. Apparently Flashman is Prism, Changeman is Thunder (even though called Dragon in "Grass is Always Greener or Bluer"), Maskman is Blitz and Fiveman is Super Sonic. I would've replaced them. So it shakes me to the bone that they had the Pre-Zyu costumes in New Zealand. I think they did it so they could use the footage and special effects. They could had just had them be other Rangers without effects. I wouldn't have this much trouble if the Rangers would've become Operation Overdrive (Green and Red both used Red before), In Space (Red and Silver became them briefly in Legendary Battle), Lightspeed Rescue, and Time Force (Pink used it once in "Samurai Surprise") as a team and the Extra Heroes other than Wolf Warrior. None became Lauren.


 I don't post videos because they might be removed but just look for In the opening sequence, we see MMPR and Yellow has skirt...

They digitally removed the skirt in the Legendary Battle. Mighty Morphin Green Ranger's silver stripe was changed to green. But if they were making these changes.. then..

Why didn't they change Titanium Ranger? Yes, they let the gas mask thing outside. Rhett Fisher had asked us on Twitter why this happen, it was yet another mistake. Jason David Frank told the crew of the mistake in his Mighty Morphin Green Ranger's helmet and morpher and he said they didn't care. So that could apply to Titanium Ranger.
 The Legendary Battle is an utter mess, they use original footage mixed with the Legacy War in Gokaiger, not much extra from the movies (like Extra Heroes in 199 heroes). So characters and Rangers disappear and reappear. Ugh, do I go over the list?

Maybe I should do a chart...

* - no close-up
X - Yes
N/A - Not Available
There is a margin of error, let me know if you spotted otherwise.

Ranger NameLegacy War FootageIn Mountains Original FootageWith Alumni Original Footage Background Japanese Footage
Mighty Morphin Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and PinkN/A
Mighty Morphin Green

Mighty Morphin WhiteN/AN/AN/AX
Aquitar Rangers Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, WhiteXX*XX
 Zeo Red X*N/AN/AX*
Zeo Pink, Yellow, Green, BlueXXX X
Zeo GoldX*N/A N/A X*
Turbo Green, Blue, Yellow, PinkXXXX
Turbo RedXXN/A
Blue SenturionN/AN/A N/AN/A
Phantom RangerN/AN/AN/A N/A 
In Space Blue, Pink, SilverXX* XX
In Space Red, Black and YellowXX *N/AX
Lost Galaxy Red, Green, PinkXXXX
Magna DefenderMaybeXXMaybe
Lost Galaxy Yellow and BlueXXN/AX
Lightspeed Red and PinkXX X X
Lightspeed Titanium--X--
Lightspeed Yellow, Blue and GreenXXN/AX
Time Force Red and QuantumXX*XX
Time Force Pink, Yellow, Green and BlueX X*N/AX
 Wild Force Red, Blue, Black, White and YellowXX XX
 Wild Force Lunar WolfXN/A N/AX
Ninja Storm Red, Yellow and BlueXXX X
Ninja Storm Crimson, Navy and Green XN/AN/AX
Dino Thunder Red, Blue, Yellow, WhiteXXX
Dino Thunder BlackN/AN/A N/AX*
SPD Red, Blue, Green, Pink, YellowXX* XX
SPD Shadow and KatN/AN/AN/AN/A
Mystic Force Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, PinkXXXX
Mystic Force Solaris KnightXN/AN/AX
Mystic Force White and Wolf WarriorXN/AN/AN/A
Operation Overdrive Red, Pink, Black, Yellow, BlueXXX X
Operation Overdrive MercuryXN/AN/AX
Sentinel KnightN/AN/AN/AN/A
Jungle Fury Red, Yellow, and BlueXXXX
Jungle Fury VioletXN/AN/AX
Jungle Fury WhiteXN/AN/AX
RPM Red, Blue, Green, Black and YellowXXX X
RPM Gold and SilverXN/AN/AX
 Samurai Green & Yellow XXX
 Samurai GoldXX*XX
Samurai Red, Blue & PinkXXN/AX
Samurai Red (Lauren)N/AN/AN/AN/A
Robo KnightXN/AN/AX
Megaforce Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and PinkXUnmorphXX
Silver Super MegaforceN/AUnmorphXN/A
"Legendary Squadron" (Dairanger)XN/AN/AX

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FranklinX said...

This entire season is an utter mess. The main antagonist appears at the very end with little character build up. The princes NEVER interact with each other. The Rangers only meet villains before they kill them in most cases except for the Princes. I could go on, but that's enough for now.