Monday, November 3, 2014

My Faux Pas

Today was a wild ride. A hectic day. I decided to write this way between me being angry to calming down, when it is still a little fresh. This is my blog and I am American and I can speak my mind. If you don't agree with my opinion, then don't read my words.

Since I was a teenager back in 1996 I have been on anti-depression medication. Not many of you know this. I am now 32 and I consider myself an adult but when I am stressed and I have a small amount of serotonin, I am a bit irrational. It hasn't been a good time, I am unemployed, my grandmother is in a rehabilitation home after an aneurysm, and I went to my psychiatrist office today for an appointment and there was financial problems. Anyway, to make a long story short I had an argument with my psychiatrist over medication and I tweeted what I tweeted without thinking it through. I don't have to explain this to everyone anyway.
 So today I made a comment to Ciara Hanna's Twitter. She said if people were ready for "Legendary Battle." I said no, saying that it was a mess of footage. (I later apologized to Ciara, I didn't mean to be rude) People instantly commented to it negatively. She was not pleased with it and tweeted and then people bombarded me with tweets. Not only negative ones, some positive. I am not naming names. I want to thank those who were positive and defended me. Not all were negative, some were trying to calm me down. Just at the moment I was angry and everything seemed like a fog of comments. I felt judged and felt cornered. I don't like being told what to do especially during that moment. Stop giving me advice on what to do next time. You are not me, you don't know what it's like.
I am not saying I am a victim, I am just stating what happened. I take responsibility to what I said and I apologize for my behavior. I just wanted it to end. I thank again those who were understanding and told people to lay off me. It is unfortunate PR fans on Twitter turn into a gang and climb on top of me or anyone. Yes, some people hide behind a computer (I actually tweeted on a phone) but I wasn't doing that, I speak my grievances in front of people too. What I didn't like how some people act all high and mighty (like saying people should learn how to talk to actors/actresses because they have done questionable stuff too) without checking all the information, so that's why I unfollowed some people because I felt attacked as it was all over my feed. Anyway, I hope this passes. As for right now, I am going to lay off twitter and lay off tweeting to actors/actresses. That's my vent and rant.

Plus, it's not like I threatened her or anything.  


DaiRed1987 said...

I understand your point and you didnt do anything wrong. If she responded negatively, that means there was truth to ur comment and it stung her, for if it wasnt she would've ignored it, sionce she didnt it must be some truth. Also for those which tried to pile on u, they were either trying to suck up to Ciara or are delusonaly about what this season of PR is........ A TOTAL MESS!!!! This season is why I dont like PR and havent watched in over a decade, cause of this sloppiness! either way PR fans need to stop attacking those who see a terrible show, some bad acting, horrible writing, and voice their opinion on it. If some PR fans dont like hearing the trut on certain seasons, dont be on forums or blogs, but no need to be negative or antagonize a person(like you) who's a dedicated fan and jujst dont appreciate the so called "anniversary" season for fans who've supported PR since the beginning. You'll be ok bro, I love your blog and just keep on doing what ur doing

Phil said...

Yes, it might be rude that you tweet Ciara about not excited for the Legendary War episode because of the spoilers and how it told us how bad the people in the production made it. To me, just ignore the tweet and don't post anything especially when it's not your day.

As a person who used to watch Power Rangers, watching Super Megaforce, they did serve some fan service yet at the same time throw pieces of crap at us. There was lack of creativity in the episodes, just throw in Gokaiger clips and unexplained things as mention way back. I dare to say that any fan could give a good episode and story that is way better. Like back then when we (fans) speculate what Super Megaforce would be like, there were a lot of good ideas around. Of course, Saban said "this and that" making Super Megaforce more cheaper.

Sometimes I wonder what's their budget quota anyways. Of course, 21 ranger team costumes omitting some, actors, actress, production crew and so on. There is so many things they already saved budget, such as the Megaforce Rangers themselves wears about the same civilian clothes nearly every episode without changing (jking...doesn't it stink wearing it every day). It's not like the original MMPR, they wear mix and matches of clothes every episodes, sometimes a repeating due to normal human wardrobe.

Lavender Ranger said...

Thanks DaiRed1987, it's true, I didn't threaten her or said anything personal. Phil, did you not read my post? Don't tell me what to do.

Poke_Fan said...

Don't worry too much about it. People can blow up about little things online, but I can see where it might have got personal since you are commenting on her livelihood. One of the reason I like your blog is its attention to detail and aware that there are problems in the fandom. It is hard for me not to be negative about the last season of power rangers and how its being held together by tape and leading to a lackluster finale. Being a Power Ranger fan, I could live with some "inventive" storytelling the old days had like the Peace Conference, reappearing/disappearing zords and weapons, and the Kimberly transition because they were either well executed, completely dropped that I could ignore it, or not noticable. With this season, it is like they can't follow through with a fan service completely and are left with something thrown together that a reasonable person would question.

If budget was an issue, I would have sacrificed the Legendary War and cameos for better writers who understand the mythos and not adding pre-Zyu rangers or Sentai-heavy material that can't be adapted. Limited resources is no excuse for liberal story sloppiness. If the last year has shown us, there are limits to how much can be changed, but a few gems still stand out in the Nickelodeon era. "Clash of the Red Rangers" is a great example of how even with a limited budget, good story telling can make something feasible. I would prefer something like this over the normal season/Holiday clip shows we have gotten. Maybe they could adapt a Super Video where a lot of liberties are taken and we can get a good laugh. I'll stop ranting now, but based on the previous posts, you are not the only one who feels divided about this season.