Sunday, June 28, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge Halloween Kid Costumes

Earlier this year I messaged my Saban Brands rep for Power Force with my concern about the Dino Charge costumes, most of the time we just get 5 of the 6 or like in the case of Samurai, 4 the first year and Green in the next. Yellow always get skipped. I told them I would want more colors, now it looks like this year we are getting all 6 and that is a good sign because hopefully we will get more colors (maybe Violet, Graphite and Aqua?). Super Red is a gimme (for sure they would make it). Past teams that had all Halloween costumes were MMPR, Zeo and Ninja Storm (Yellow was a Disney Store exclusive). 

But the ones that are getting most versions are Pink, Red and Gold. For Megaforce and Super Megaforce, Black and Green were relegated to only being available at Spirit Halloween stores. Let's see what happens next year...

Pink Ranger
There is Toddler, child, regular, sparkly and deluxe (Deluxe is in place of muscles)

Separately they are also selling these half masks and the regular masks. 

 Gold Ranger
Toddler, Regular, Muscles (It is common since Disney took over), regular mask and half mask. 

Red Ranger
Toddler, Child (with half-mask), regular, muscles, half-mask, and sparkly muscles (called "Prestige") and mask solo. 

Black Ranger
Black Ranger solo mask, muscles (only version seen so far) and half-mask

Blue Ranger
Blue Ranger solo mask, half-mask and regular (only version seen so far)

 Green Ranger
Green Ranger solo mask, half-mask and muscle suit (only version seen so far)

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Unknown said...

what no exagerated boobs and hips on pink the male suts have exagerated muscles