Monday, September 21, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge More Villains and Rangers Toys

From Razzle1337:

Plesio Charge Megazord

More Dino Cycles

Spinosaurus and Black T-Rex

Dino Super Drive Sword

Ankylosaurus and Deinosuchus zord

12 Inch Super Red and Dino Drive Rangers

T-Rex Super Charge Zord Armor

43231 Aqua
 43232 Purple (female)
43233 Dino Drive Gold 
 43234 Dino Drive Graphite 
43235 Dino Drive Aqua (Fake Image above)
43236 Dino Drive Purple

 43310 Purple (Maybe male)

43244 Ninja
My monster expert friend thinks it is Debo Shinobinba.
43245 Game Face 
My friend thinks it is Debo Spokorn.
43243 Snide (Villain)
Has been confirmed to be "Neo Zeltrax" the monster form of new villain Jekyl.
43308 Teacher says 43308 Teacher could be the monster at left.

43307 Shinge says 43307 Shinge could be Endorf that is full of fire.

43308 Doomwing
43308 Doomwing has to Mad Torin, the evil counterpart to the Kyoryuger mentor.
43246 Silver Ranger
Dino Drive Silver, also the main 6 Rangers, Purple, Aqua, Silver and Graphite are getting Version 2 Dino Drive (Super Dino Drive).
 Pictures above from Razzle1337

Oh yeah, also Legacy Wrist Communicator and Ninja Falconzord has also been spotted in the Toys R Us server.


T.K. said...

Reported spoilers from the international airings of Dino Charge's later episodes have Snide being something very different (though I won't say what here).

Lavender Ranger said...

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