Tuesday, October 13, 2015

List of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Blue and Black) Figures

8 inch Power Rangers (1993) in triangle boxes
Battle Bikes (1993)
PVC Figures (1993)
Auto Morphin Figures (1994)
Thunder Bikes (1994)
Based on the Kiba Machines fo Dairanger, these bikes never showed up in MMPR.

 Karate Action 8 inch Rangers
Blue and Yellow chopped and Pink and Black kicked in 1994

Metallic 1995 figures
8 inch 1995 Figures Movie/Metallic
Movie PVC figures
Talking 8 inch figures Season 3

Auto Morphin Aisha, Rocky, Adam
Shark Cycles (1995)
2010 MMPR 4 inch figures
Blue, Yellow, Black and Pink got two figures, Blue and Black got shields.
4 inch Mighty Morphin figure pack
Yellow had a skirt
Battle Ready mini figures
Released in 2010 under MMPR and 2013 under Megaforce.
2010 Action Rangers

Morphin Ranger figures - they became dragons.
2010 Cycles
2010 Zord Vehicles
Re-released in 2015.

Mix & Morph Keys 2010
Black and Blue MM Rangers got a key.
2010 Adventure Set
Yellow had translucent.
Spin Action Rangers
2014 Legacy 5 inch figures
Blue, Yellow, Black and Yellow with weapons.
Legacy Movie Figures 2015
Pink came with Thundership, Blue came with Stega Stinger, and Yellow came with Power Beam helmet.
Imaginext (2015)
Yellow sold with Red, Pink with Green, Blue and Black together and Armored Red and Black with Megazord


Loyal Subjects (2015)
Translucent Blue  sold separately at SDCC 2015.

Translucent SDCC 2015 Yellow, Black and White in one set.



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