Monday, October 12, 2015

MMPR Loyal Subjects fgures

Jason/Red Ranger
Regular in the blind boxes. Translucent and Metallic at Loyal Subjects. Metallic Red released with Goldar.
Tommy/Green Ranger
Regular in blind boxes. Translucent for SDCC.
Tommy/White Ranger
Regular in blind boxes. Metallic with Lord Zedd. Translucent with Black and Yellow in SDCC 2015.
Translucent Black, White and Yellow
SDCC 2015 Set
Trini/Yellow Ranger
Regular above and translucent with SDCC set. She has inaccurate skirt.
Zack/Black Ranger
Regular above available in Blind Box and Translucent with SDCC Set.
Billy/Blue Ranger
Regular in blind box and translucent SDCC 2015 exclusive.

Kimberly/Pink Ranger
Regular in Blind Box, metallic with Rita in SDCC Exclusive and Translucent.
Metallic Pink Ranger VS Rita Repulsa SDCC 2015 Exclusive

Lord Zedd
Regular in Blind Box, Translucent with Rita and Goldar and Metallic with White Ranger

Rita Repulsa
Regular above in blind box, translucent with Goldar and Zedd, metallic with Pink Ranger.
Regular above in blind box, translucent with Zedd and Rita, metallic with Red Ranger.

 Translucent Goldar, Rita and Zedd SDCC 2015 Set

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