Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Which Series should be adapted for 2017?

It has yet to be announced, but there is a lot of suspicion over to which Super Sentai series will be adapted in 2017. Power Rangers Dino Charge will become Dino Supercharge for 2016 and continue using the Kyoryuger footage like Samurai used Shinkenger for two years. Now there are three Super Sentai series they can use: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Ressha Sentai ToQger, and Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Also Saban's contract with Nickelodeon ends in 2016, there are rumors the new series will go to Netflix, but I don't know.
Go-Busters (2012)
Go-Busters was the series before Kyoryuger (which became Dino Charge) and it was skipped and not adapted. Go-Busters has a spy and technology theme, drawing fans to wanting it to be like a sequel to RPM. Go-Busters start with three Rangers and in the end, they have five, even though in a teamup special, they have a second doppelganger team with two other Rangers.
  • In the end, five Rangers, start with three. Silver and Gold come in halfway in the series.
  • Each Ranger has a Buddyroid, a robo-animal buddy. Silver is actually a Buddyroid itself.
  • In the end, three main Robos: Red has his own robo that combines with Yellow and Blue; Gold and Silver have their 2nd Robo which can combine with the first; A purple Lion Robo.
  • Both main villains are humans, very little suit action. Saban would had to hire two actors, the female villain comes in half-way through the series.
  • The main three have a power-up mode.
  • The cockpits don't have to be changed.
  • Without much zords, Bandai can add as many bikes or zords they want in the toyline.
  • No 'Morphing' sequence, very little stock footage. They would had to create their own which they have done in the past.
  • There is a Frog Buddyroid seen in the movie but rarely and there is no auxiliary zords.
  • Not many toys like Kyoruger to split up for two seasons but like Dino Charge, they can make more.
  • This series is already 'old' by time standards. Toei might have props in storage (they send props to the Power Ranger company once they are done with it) but they might have more wear and tear. Also, back when Saban adapted VR Troopers, Bandai didn't want to make the toys because they found the series too old and din't have molds anymore. Kenner opted to do it instead. Between 2012 and 2017 is 5 years.
 Toqger (2014)
 This series comes after Kyoryuger and it is train theme. Rumor is Saban doesn't like it because they believe United States do not believe trains aren't part of kids' lives like in Japan. Believe it or not, the biggest age demographic for Power Rangers is ages 3-6 and Thomas the Tank Engine's age range is 1 to 5 which is close. My nephew actually likes Toqger more than Ninninger. Well he likes Samurai more than them all to be honest.

  • In the end, 6 Rangers, starts with 5. Orange comes in as a Sixth. 7th appears in a special.
  • In the end, they have 4 main robos. They have many auxiliary zords.
  • All the villains except the main (Z) are in suits.
  • The Rangers change colors so we get female Blue, Green and Red. Also male Pinks.
  • Their Power-up mode is once at a time, Pink and Yellow share one in one episode.
  • The cockpits don't have to change.

  • The Rangers change colors so we get female Blue, Green and Red. Also male Pinks. Notice I have this as a "Pro" too. I don't care but some might care about males being in the supposedly 'feminine' color.
  • Pink and Yellow share a Power-up in one episode. Notice I have this on "Pro" too, this is sad the females share it and literally stuck together.

  • Saban Brands reportedly thinks kids don't like trains in the US as much as in Japan.
  • Spoiler Alert: Fans don't like that the Toqger end up being children. Saban could skip that.

Ninninger (2015)
This is the current Super Sentai which is the third Ninja series. If this is adapted, technically it would be the third (with Alien Rangers even though it wasn't explicitly stated) in PR as well.
  • In the end, 6 Rangers, starts with 5.
  • In the end, 4 Robos. They have a few auxiliary zords.
  • Collectable item (like Ranger Keys and Dino Chargers) are Shurikens.
  • The villain starts with 1 costumed villain, joined by 2 more.
  • Red gets a power-up that so far Yellow and Gold have used. (Technically White too but it was without her suit so it can't be used)
  • Chip Lynn said he is not in control of the decision but he likes Ninninger.
  • Fans might be bored with yet another Ninja theme, but technically we have had 3 Dino themes and 1 officially stated full Ninja series.
  • Boys might not appeal to male Yellow Ranger since it's been more than a decade (2006). MagiYellow did a cameo on the show but not useable footage.
  • They would have to reshoot the cockpit footage possibly. 

I have asked fans with polls and most don't want Toqger and are torn between Ninninger and Go-Busters but most fans just want Ninninger. I wouldn't mind any. I am good either way.


AJTVPH said...

1. Had Saban adapted Gobusters instead of Kyoryugers, I think the viewers might be increased a little bit against Dino Charge since most of the people loved spy themed shows but at the expense of a potential over budget and also complained about excessive violence? Agree?

2. The adaptation of ToQgers and Ninningers might be using a new cockpit just like Samurai and Dino Charge? and possible new set for the villains just like Dino Charge?

Lavender Ranger said...

AJTVPH, I don't think anything will top Samurai's ratings right now. Kids really responded to it because it was the 'first' for them, anything after that won't make it until another decade or so or generation like Ninja Storm or SPD. Think about it, the other seasons would popular but the first (MMPR) was the most popular. Think about popular seasons: Time Force, SPD and RPM, all seperated by 5 or 10 years. As for cockpits, I don't see Toqger being changed but Ninninger maybe. For Toqger, they would have to replace Z and for Ninninger, I see them adding another villain like Sledge or Lothor.

Unknown said...

it was already annoucent that ninninger will be adapted as power rangers shuriken and will air on netflix for 36 episodes

Infernowolf87 said...

You did a great job at providing pros and cons for the adaptation of each sentai series. One of the biggest pro that's really not put forth was that they dont have the follow the story of the sentai series at all. The can created a completely new story from start to finish. which means for Toqger adaptation they don't even have to worry about the rangers being children with the exception of having an episode or episodes that in some way are like the mmpr Rangers back in time episodes/Rangers in reverse. Gimmick wise maked in an enginethat represents each PR season included in this release would also be engines that represent actual train themed Megazords from seasons like Lightspeed Rescue mystic force and rpm.
With a go buster adaptation silver could actually be human female ranger they don't have to use the robot partners.

Unknown said...

Those are all good point however I really think Ninninger will get adpated but my only problem will be that they really need a new story becuase i hate to say it but Ninninger is boring. I would hope that since it may end up being the anniversary season they put effort into it

Mateus Honrado said...

Those are rumours posted by Collider. Saban have not confirmed them.