Saturday, March 18, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Hack Attack - Epiosode Review

Episode Summary:
Sarah trips over Mick with a bunch load of things in the school. She signed up for four different clubs that meet at the same place. In the ship, Madame Odius visits the teen victim. The transger is almost  complete and she plans to throw the human away. Sarah beats Brody in track club, she beats Preston in chess club, out dos the others in the camp and shows her new boomerang arrow to Victor, Monty and the principal at the archery club. Victor shows off a Robin Hood outfit and shoots and arrow with mixed results. Later the five are in suits, she shows a new attack with her Ninja Blaster when Hacktrack arrives with Kudabots. Sarah's hologram .starts flickering and enters a ball gadget. 

At the base, the Rangers find Sarah. She created a Holo Projector, which clones her. They ask if the monster could do something with her holo projector, she thinks about it. The monster absorbs the technoloy and makes giant holo clones. They put a device on Galavanax and make a giant clone. The Rangers see 8 Galavanaxes. Sarah thinks of a plan while the others leave to fight. She activates four other Sarahs and they have things to do. Mick notices something. The Rangers use the whiplash attack to no avail. 

The clones pull her apart and Mick starts playing four instruments at once. Sarah berates him at doing four things at once when she realizes her fault. She hugs Mick's instrument. She takes away the clones and focuses on a plan. She comes with a new gadget and the monster steals it. Hacktrack malfunctions do to a virus. The giant clones disappear and the Rangers fight the monster.  The monster is made big and the zords are called. Astro Zord is called and has a ninja mode. Astro Ninja Steel Megazord is formed. It goes into space after the monster, fight shim and destroys him. Sarah quits the archery club to the principal, who tells her any college is lucky to have her. Monty flies into the air and crashes into the target due to Victor's slingshot. The Rangers leave to the base. The Astrozord blasts the ship, the teen is freed, gets his Ninja Star and becomes Gold Ranger and blasts Ripcon. He enters the ship and lands a the city plaza. The Rangers see the Gold Ranger come out on the TV, They wonder who he is. 

Episode Review:
Sarah has more gadgets and inventions than Rose of PROO and Billy of MMPR. But her personality doesn't seem to go along with it. Her personality reminds me of Alyssa of PRWF. And Mick didn't notice her using the holo projector in the same base that is not that big? 

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