Sunday, August 13, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Rocking and Rolling - Episode Review

 StoneDozer shakes the ship and they introduce new footsoliders. Back on Earth, there is a new Levi West concert. Inside Levi shows the other Rangers the empty stadium. He will be gone for a 3-month world tour. A girl, the biggest fan comes in. They take a picture with his burger-shape camera. Sarah asks if they knew he was going on a tour. Mac tells them the Earthquake is coming close to them. Brody tells Levi they have to go. Levi's concert is to start so he can't go. 

The fans come running in the stadium. Victor and Monty hide in trash cans that are labeled like Recycling bins and get trash on them. They overhear the manager with speakers. The Rangers dressed in their ninja training gear and they spot the new footsoliders. They are moving dirt. Brody and Sarah go check it out. The other three morph and fight the footsoliders. Inside Stonedozer wants to do a huge earthquake under the concert hall. Brody says Levi has to stop the concert. He cant hear it with the loud noises and that his com is away from him. 

Levi sings a song about missing someone. Stonedozer finds Brody and Sarah and shakes up the place. The five reunite and head to the stadium. Victor and Monty break in and are on the stage when the security stops them. The place shakes. The Rangers come in and two take Levi away. The audience leaves. Levi becomes the Gold Ranger. The Rangers help the people out. Everyone runs out but the fan girl cant find her dad. Debris almost fall on her so Gold saves her and her dad finds her. Meanwhile the stadium is empty inside and Ripcon tells StoneDozer to bring the stadium down. The building is destroyed.

The Rangers fly out and meet the monster in a quarry. Gold fights Stonedozer. Gold does a tornado of grunts that goes on top of the monster. Gold fights some of the grunts as do the Rangers. Gold multiples imself and they do attacks on Stonedozer. Lightning hits the monster. Red becomes two and fights him. He throws Brody on top of Levi. Levi throws his sword on him and slashes him. He his final attack and takes a selfie at the same time. Stonedozer then is made giant. Gold then calls his Bull Rider Zord. 

He enters the cockpit and dons Ninja Master Mode. Stonedozer throws rocks on the zord. Brody calls the Rumble Tusk and they form the Megazord. They don Ninja Master Mode and enter the cockpit. They help fight. Bull Rider Megazord combines. He shoots the rocks away. The two Meghazords do their finishers. The monster is defeated. Back at the school, the mayor and Levi make an announcement. The Rangers feel bad. Levi apologizes to the girl, she says the Rangers were amazing. The mayor introduces Levi. He thanks the Power Rangers. He says he will postpone his world tour. They all applaud. Levi and the Rangers hug and talk about how Summer Cove needs Gold Ranger more than Levi. Levi hasnt even finish High School. Supposedly Victor broke every bone in his body and was going to ghet a tropy until Cody unravels him. He is perfectly fine. 

Good ep, cool they got to shoot in a stadium. 

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