Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Dimensions in Danger - Episode Review

"Dimensions in Danger"
Tommy arrives at a house. He says he will take JJ to school. He tells him not to put his bike outside. Someone evil says hi to him. At the Ninja Steel school, Mick calls them to the base. They got an emergency. Three in cloaks coming out of the dimension. Wes/Time Foce Red is identified. Gemma/RPM Silver and Blue Dino Charge are introduce. So Ninja Steel is from the same dimension as everyone except Dino Charge and RPM. They need Tommy Oliver, they dont know if he was captured. They go to his home in Reefside. Kudabots and Lord Drayven go to Tommy and Tommy kneels to him. Odius arrives. Drayven is from Anti-verse. Tommy is a robot. Tommy robot is capturing Rangers. Odius powers Mega Arrow to destroy dimensional barriers. The sky must turn red. 

Drayven, the Kudabots and Tommy bot leaves. The Rangers talk and Wes opens the dimension portal to the Antiverse. It looks like a dark forest. A robot is made of Antonio an others. One Ranger damaged the machine. Drayven has a big robot army anyway. Koda attacks a Kudabot and the Rnagers arrive on a bridge and get surrounded by Kudabots. Black Dino Thunder defeats the Kuabots and reveals he is the real Tommy and he escapes. He explains the plot. They see Drayven on the roof launching arrow. They will split up. The Ninja Steel Rangers morph and fight the Kudabots. Drayven throws arrows. Red fights him. The six surround Drayven and dtrike him. Drayven has a force field around them and strikes them. The NS Rangers disappear. 

Brody and Sarah enter the base. Tommy and the veterans fight the Kudabots and blast the computers to let go the captive Rangers (Kat, TJ, Trent, Antonio, Rocky and Gia). They wake up. They are debriefed. Evil Tommy kicks Tommy and they face down.

Tommy has a Master Morpher. He becomes Zeo Red and fights Dino Thunder Black Robo. Tommy then goes to White MMPR. He becomes green and beats the robot, which explodes. Green runs out. Brody and Sarah enter a room. Drayven finds them and they fight Kudabots. Brody is tied to the chest with the arrows and Preston drags him away. The other Ninja Steel Rangers fly with blankets. Preston tries to through the rip.

The evil robot clones fire at them. The NS team falls and demorph.  The NS Rangers are next to the barrier and face the large army. Drayven gets his arrows back.

He shoots the second arrow. He tells them to give up. The other 10 arrive. All 16 morph and fight. Blue fight blue. Pink fight pink. Silver and Yellow fight Yellow. Golds fight Gold. White Rangers fight White Rangers. Red fight Red. They all gather and shoot them all. Odius sees this and they make him giant through the rift. The sky is red. Tommy goes white and calls his Falconzord.

Falconzord grabs the last arrow. Tommy throws the arrow at Drayven while the others blast him and he is destroyed. The cracks heal. The Rangers demorph and the Rangers say lines. They open portals and go home.

This is how you do it, Tzachor! Better than Legendary Battle indeed. I liked it, it is concise and makes sense and finally clarifies there are other dimensions and makes things easy for kids to understand. I do like Tommy showed off his Master Morpher. I did like the interaction between Wes, Koda and Gemma, they make a good team. The Falconzord was a surprise! I wonder if JJ is the son of Tommy from the upcoming comic. And it is left in the air if Katherine is Tommy's wife. But he lives in Reefside. I wish Gia did become Super Megaforce but oh well. If the whole season was this episode that would have been great. Happy National Power Rangers Day!!!

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