Sunday, April 26, 2020

Mystic Knights Battle Thunder confirmed

I have mentioned Mystic Knights season two here before. Mostly rumors. One webpage mentioned a new character by the name of Liam, Knight of the Swamp. But actually, it was Lightning. Power Rangers Media Info bought media release info from Bandai America back from 1999. Bandai was planning a second season of toys but because of poor toy sales and other circumstances, Saban decided to cancel Mystic Knights. The funds went to Power Rangers. At PMC 3, I asked Scott Page-Pagter and some other producers if a second season was planned and they said no. Maybe they werre not in the know.
I couldn't get a confirmation from a fellow fan but rumors were that the actor who played Angus wanted to leave, hence to the use of Liam. Also Garrett who inherit Angus’ powers somehow. Thanks to PR Media Info.

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