Saturday, November 28, 2020

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Crunch Time - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

At Riptide, the real Blaze arrives with a motherboard from the Roxy monster and it has important information. Everyone is surprised because Blaze is supposed to be a martial arts tournament in Japan. They take it to Grid Battleforce, Nate, Steel, and Devon see a video that Evox is planning to have a Gigadrone. Robotron attacks and Zoey and Ravi morph and fight it. Devon is late. Blaze arrives and fights along with them. Blaze gets hurt. Devon arrives and Blaze leaves. Zoey has a plan and they go outside. Railtron looks around and only finds Ravi and Devon. Zoey jumps from the sky and attacks him, destroying Railtron. Blaze tells Devon he has to be harder on Cruise because the last battle is coming.  Devon chastises Cruise. Back at the base, Blaze and Devon train. Blaze tells him to train harder. Nate shows his plan to the gang. 

Blaze comes up with the idea to trap the Gigadrone in their hangers. Cruise brings up the point that it is dangerous for the Beast Bots. Blaze makes him feel bad. Blaze leaves sadly. Ravi and Zoey reprimand Blaze. Devon tells them to work together. Devon goes with Blaze's plan. Scrozzle finds out Railtron is gone. Evox says he has a great. Ben and Betty try out a forcefield Nate created for Evox/ A janitor trips and traps Ben and Betty They scream but the Janitor is listening to music and can't hear them. Ben and Betty transport the blaster and sizzle themselves. Nate helps them escapes. The Rangers morph and board their zords. Evox and his Omegadrone arrive. 

Omegadrone blasts the Megazords. Hanger doors open. It falls into the hanger. The Megazords attack it. Evox fights back. There is fire around them. The beast bots say it is dangerous. The Megazords fight back. Devon calls the Beast X King Megazord and it comes to help. Evox blasts at them. Cruise is overheating and malfunctioning. Omegadrone is heating up and there is an explosion. The zords are badly damaged and Devon carries Cruise. Cruise is malfunctioning. Devon feels bad and says it is his fault. The Rangers look for Evox. The workers take Cruise away. Evox comes out of the rubble and comes towards the Rangers. They blast him and transport the devices and teleport him away. Evox is trapped in the cage. Blaze says it was his plan. Evox still makes fun of Cruise. Cruise says it is his fault. Devon says it is not cool how Blaze has been treating him. Devon apologizes. Cruise thanks him. Devon says they are strong because of their friendship. Blaze says it is sweet and he apologizes and then turns it around. Devon gets a call from the real Blaze and they find out the Blaze in front of him is Robo Blaze. He teleports away. Nate figures out Evox wanted to be captured. 


This would only have worked if Human Blaze was more part of the team in previous episodes. Because viewers are only used to seeing evil Blaze. Plus, if they had different names. If they called human Blaze Bradley or something. It gets confusing, even for adults, which Blaze they are referring to. Plus Blaze already sounds like an evil name. Also when they say Roxy, they don't make the distinction of Robo Roxy or human Roxy, who doesn't even make an appearance. Would have been nice for Robo Blaze to miss or being negative towards to human Roxy as a clue he was evil. If the Rangers already had a relationship on screen with human Blaze, it would be an indicator as to why they put up with his behavior. The story was a nice idea but without any supporting relationship prior, it doesn't work and it is obvious it is evil Blaze.

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