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Female Kamen Riders Merchandise

For those who do not know, Kamen Rider is a boy's club, the great majority of Kamen Riders are men. In Japan, there are only THREE female Kamen Riders so far. I have covered this on this blog, but someone had asked for me to cover how much merchandise has been done for the female riders and I was happy to oblige. Kamen Rider Femme has rather a few figures and such, 7 to be exact and if her American counterpart Kamen Rider Siren gets one, then it will be 8 in total!

UPDATED 1/12/10: Turns out the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight toy line has been canceled by Bandai, so there will be no Kamen Rider Siren figure.

Masked Rider Ryuki - Rider Hero Series - Vinyl Figure
The Standard, she came with her weapon. Arms can move up and down, nothing else. It was made during the series.

She got an Advent Deck, it came in a set of 12, it is a henshin device. It came during the series.

Collectible Figure
Comes in a few pieces, do not how many, I don't have it so I do not know. It was made after the series, part of a collection of Riders.

Head Bust
I have this one, came in four pieces including base. My four-year-old niece thought it was a bobble head and was disappointed. This was made after the series, part of a collection. Volume 3 that included Kamen Rider Verde, Faiz, Odin, Blade, and Kabuto, to name a few.

Cell Phone chain
Cute. I do not know when this was made.

Souchaku Henshin Series Masked Rider Femme and Masked Rider Ryuga
Articulate figure set with human faces and armor pieces. This was made years after the series.

Mini Statue
Never seen this before but apparently it exists. I do not know when it was made. This was made during the series, part of the collectibles.

Candy Toy
Very small, not articulate at all. No weapon included. It was made during the run of the series.

Masked Rider Blade - Rider Hero Series - Kamen Rider Larc Vinyl Figure
The only figure of Kamen Rider Larc, only movable arms. This was made during the run of the movie she was in. She was also in a trading card series, she only had one card of course.

Kamen Rider Shuki figure
The only one, real small gasphon figure, comes in 3 parts with stand. Don't know when this was made but probably after the series' run, it is part of a collection of Riders.

Kamen Rider Amaki (as Transformed Akira)
In the S.I.C toy line, Amaki was released as "Transformed Akira."

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