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Character Comparisons: Kamen Rider Decade Heisei Riders

I was suggested by my friend Robert Fyle to do character comparisons between the 0riginal Heisei Kamen Riders and the alternate universe A.R. World Kamen Riders from Kamen Rider Decade. I have not seen every series, but I have complied info from friends who have seen it, websites, and books. I have seen the entire Kamen Rider Decade series though. Most of the Riders have the same first name.

Kamen Rider Kuuga
Yusuke Onodera / Yusuke Goudai
Yusuke Onodera is guileless and optimistic, Yuusuke Godai is positive-thinking, happy-go-lucky, multi-talented man. Onodera rarely engages in battle while journeying with Tsukasa. He does, however, act as an inspirational figure to the other Riders, as can be seen with his aiding of Wataru, as well as his actions in the other Riders' worlds. Goudai's trademark is to always give a thumbs up (the Roman sign to warn that everything is alright) to everybody around him. Onodera was basically the good conscience of Tsukasa, telling him to do the right thing. Onodera believes in the good in Tsukasa. Onodera also is striken with the loss of a friend, when he enters the Agito World, he sees her again but realizes it is another world and not his.

Kamen Rider Agito
Shouichi Ashikawa / Shouichi Tsugami
Tsugami s a young man with no memory of his past and is living with the Misugi family. A generous, simple, all around nice guy, Shouichi's ideal life is to just work in his garden and please his foster family. He had a funny habit by addressing someone that he didn't know as Koungouji-san. He fights as Agito due to the Unknown being somewhat tied to his forgotten past. Ashikawa originally was the user of the G3 system until he mysteriously disappeared. Ashikawa left because he began to transform into Exceed Gills , a partially evolved creature that was targeted by the Unknown. By the time the Unknown begin their attack, Shouichi completes his metamorphisis into the evolutionary Kamen Rider Agito, with Yusuke Oondera's help.

Kamen Rider Ryuki
Shinji Tatsumi / Shinji Kido
Shinji Tatsumi lives in a world were everyone knows about the Kamen Riders and they are tied intot he court system. They fight to the death, and that will decide the end of the defendant. Tatsumi is a cameraman who works for the Atashi Journal, a popular magazine that covers the Kamen Riders and the trials. When the editor of the journal is murdered, Shinji becomes a Kamen Rider to decide the fate of the suspect. Shinji is good-hearted, friendly, naive idealist who works at the ORE Journal as a journalist trainee and is caught in a war between the Kamen Riders. They are somewhat similar but Tatsumi is a bit more serious, but kind to the Decade Riders.

Kamen Rider Faiz
Takumi Ogami / Takumi Inui

Takumi Ogami is a hot-blooded teenage high school student who protects Smart Brain High from the Orphnoch, though his reason for doing this is a mystery. He can use the Faiz Gear along with assuming the form of the Wolf Orphnoch. Inui was a bit aloof loner who did want to protect humanity but didn't care much for fighting. He reluctantly used the Faiz Gear, he later revealed he was the Wolf Orphnoch. They both were Orphnoch that fought Orphnoch. Ogami had to fight other high school students.

Kamen Rider Blade
Kazuma Kendate / Kazuma Kenzaki
Kendate is a Rank Ace employee of BOARD, due to his ranking, Kazuma is prideful to the point of seeing himself to be invincible. It is not until after he was demoted that he realized that ranking isn't everything and that followers are just as important as leaders. Soon after helping him, Kazuma thanks Tsukasa. Though at first he refuses to aid Tsukasa and Yusuke, Kazuma has a change of heart and joins in the fight against Super Apollo Geist. As for Kenzaki, his family died in a freak fire accident when he was 11. He was scouted by BOARD, because of his smarts and great survival tactics, he was promoted to the Rider System. In the TV series ending, Kenzaki sacrificed his humanity in order to save Hajime, thus becoming the Navy Joker. Kenzaki appears before Asumu and Wataru in the World of Rider War as the A.R. Worlds continue to fuse. He says that their true enemy is Tsukasa, using them to force him to leave while he can or destroy him if he refuses. He assumes Blade King Form to fight Decade when the Rider War begins.

Kamen Rider Hibiki
Asumu / Hitoshi Hidaka
Asumu is Hibiki's child apprentice. Before inheriting Hibiki's powers, Asumu was able to assume a form called Transformed Asumu. As a result of his master losing the ability to control his Oni powers, Asumu later inherits the power to become Hibiki. In Decade, Asumu and Hibiki are played by different actors. As for the original version: Hitoshi Hidaka, known as Hibiki is one of the most seasoned Oni in service. Hibiki has a strong sense of ethics and believes constantly training oneself to keep up their strength. Hidaka allows Asumu to quit but feels great regret for being the one to push him to stay his student. Following the great battle against the Makamou, Hibiki and Asumu lost touch with each other and share some awkward moments a year later. They reconnect with each other, Hibiki can be his mentor in life and help him be a better person.

Kamen Rider Kabuto
Souji / Souji Tendou
Souji is a young man who has been given access to ZECT's technology. However, Kabuto's Clock Up System malfunctions, prompting ZECT to deem him a threat. Tendou is a mysterious, quiet 21-year old man who often seems to follow monk-like philosophies of peace. Tendou is somewhat rude, and this serious personality holds back the caring emotions he has for others. The Decade episodes based in the Kabuto World were more concerned with the Worms and theBee than with Kabuto.

Kamen Rider Kiva
Wataru / Wataru Kurenai
Wataru is a 12 year-old half-Fangire boy reluctant to claim the title of King of the Fangires. He is stressed because overseeing the ceasefire between humans and Fangires, due to his fear of losing control over his Fangire urges around new friends. He eventually gets over it and becomes king. He later appears in the World of the Rider War as his reality is absorbed into it. Wataru refuses to listen to Tsukasa and Yusuke in uniting all Riders to defeat Dai-Shocker. Wataru disappears when the convergence of the worlds continues. Kurenai is a shy young man who never lies, becomes Kiva because his violin told him to and aspired to be like his dad, he later finds out he inherited the Kiva role from his mom. Kurenai appears in front Tsukasa as a mouthpiece of the Kamen Riders, explaining to him the Decade plot. Kurenai reappears and tells Tsukasa that his mission was to destroy the Riders, not befriend them. Kurenai henshins to fight Decade. In Movie Wars 2010, following Tsukasa's destruction, Wataru explains to Natsumi and Daiki that Decade's death has undone the destruction of the multiverse.

I'm not comparing Den-O since Momotaros just takes over people's bodies (mostly the main cast of Den-O) and there is no 'alternative' Den-O. Unlike the other Riders Worlds, the World of Den-O is almost identical to the setting of the original series, the interior of the DenLiner is now the interior of the New DenLiner.

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