Saturday, April 24, 2010

Buffy the Vampire Slayer connections with Power Rangers

Before Power Rangers, what lead me to it was "Saved by the Bell," with its teenagers and outlandish situations, meant for kids. Power Rangers was a natural progression. After PR, it was Buffy the Vampire Slayer the series, when it premiered in 1997, I was a teenager. Actually, there are quite a bit of connections and references from Power Rangers to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There are many similarities to the first season of Buffy, like teenagers fighting monsters, strong females, witches, a stuffy male mentor and somewhat campiness. But of course, Buffy was much more better crafted, all original and got more sexual and adult as it went on. So it was a natural progression as I grew up.

Xander Bly
The most obvious reference, which hasn't made clear if it was a reference but many fans did believe so, that Xander Bly of Mystic Force was a reference to Xander Harris of Buffy.

Sophia Crawford
Stuntwoman Ms. Crawford went from playing the Pink Ranger in the first three seasons to being the stunt double for Sarah Michelle Gellar in the first two seasons of Buffy. This was reference to in the 2nd part of "What's My Line?" when Buffy called fellow slayer Kendra a 'Pink Ranger.'

Alison Macinnis and James Marsters
Alison who played Dana in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue in 2000 dated James Marsters (Spike for 5 seasons of Buffy and 1 season of Angel) for a brief while. This is them when they were at an Cosmopolitan event when Sarah Michelle was on the cover.

Walter Emmanuel Jones
How else could I forget that Zack himself guest starred as a college student in the episode "Fear Itself" of Season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is only seen in one scene and doesn't interact with the main cast.

Michelle Trachtenberg
Equally Michelle Trachtenberg guest starred on Walter Jones' after-MMPR show "Space Cases." She guest starred in the episode "All You Can Eaty" with her "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" co-star Danny Tambereli. Michelle went on to play Dawn on Buffy.

Ron Rogge
Ron Rogge, who played Captain Mitchell in Lightspeed Rescue played a cop arresting Buffy and Faith in Season 3 episode "Bad Girls". Roggé has several lines and appears in two scenes of the episode.

Karim Prince
Karim Prince appeared in Season 5 episode "Spiral," as one of the Knights of Byzantium, who wanted to destroy the Key (Dawn) before the main villain Glory could use it. You may not recognize Karim Prince but he played Cestro the Blue Aquitar Ranger. He also appeared on Malcolm in the Middle as Francis' military cadet friend.

Tom Wyner
Voice Master Vile and Sid the Dummy in the first season of Buffy.

Last three pictures thanks to After the Power. Let me know if I missed anything else.


Unique Geek said...

Just so you know, Sophia Crawford actually doubled as Sarah Michelle Gellar's stunt double for the first 4 seasons on Buffy, not just the first 2.

Anonymous said...

There is the Time Force blue ranger here inthis video:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention!