Thursday, April 22, 2010

White Sentai Warriors: Males don't have 'White' in their names

I brought this up before in past posts, but I thought I would highlight it in this post. That in Super Sentai, most of the White Rangers that have the actual word 'White' in their titles are women and all the men don't have the word 'white' in their titles. In fact since the series started in 1975, the first to have the word 'white' in their title was White Swan in Jetman in the year 1991! There has only been 3 official warriors with the word 'white' in their titles.

Big One (JAKQ, 1977) -- The first white warrior, he was introduced later in the series. He was the fifth warrior. In the above picture, he is in the lower right corner.

Change Mermaid (Changeman, 1985) -- Sayaka is the second white warrior, the first female. She had pink accents in her uniform, she is one of 3 to have pink accents.

White Swan (Jetman, 1991) -- Kaori is third white warrior, the second female and the first to have the word 'white' in her title. She had pink accents in her uniform.

Kibaranger (Dairanger, 1993) -- Kou is fourth white warrior and second male white warrior, the first and only youngest warrior. He was the first white warrior to have a vest and the first to be a sixth ranger.

Ninja White (Kakuranger, 1994) -- Tsuruhime is fifth white warrior and third female white warrior, she was the first female leader. Her picture is to the bottom left.

Gao White (Gaoranger, 2001) -- Sae is the sixth white warrior, the fourth female white warrior, the third to have pink accents and the last warrior to have the word 'white' in their title. Her picture is at top right.

Abare Killer (Abaranger, 2003) -- Mikoto is the seventh White warrior, the third male white warrior and the second white warrior to be a 'fifth member.' He also is the second white warrior to have a shield. He is the first white warrior to be evil. According to Gokaiger, he is considered a sixth ranger.

Deka Break (Dekaranger, 2004) -- Tetsu is the eight White Ranger and the fourth male white warrior. He is the second white 'sixth' ranger--as he is treated as a sixth ranger.

Deka Swan (Dekaranger, 2004) -- Swan is the ninth White Warrior, she is technically with black and orange accents.

Magi Mother (Magiranger, 2005) -- Miyuki is the tenth White Warrior, the fifth female white warrior and the third female white warrior to not have the word 'white' in the title. She is the second female warrior to be sixth or seventh.

Geki Chopper (Gekiranger, 2007) -- Ken is the eleventh White Warrior and the fifth male white warrior, he is the second white warrior to have orange and black accents.

So the point I am making is that maybe it is a culturally thing that the only female white warriors have been called 'white.' They probably view white a feminine color, a bit like the color pink, but they still have white male rangers. For Sentai, there are 5 male white warriors (all not called 'white') and 6 female warriors (only 3 called 'white').

As for the Power Rangers, male White Rangers do get called white. There are 4 male white rangers (only 2 called 'white ranger') and 4 female white rangers (3 are called 'white ranger').

Kiba Ranger = White Ranger
Ninja White = White Aquitar Ranger
Gao White = White Ranger
Abare Killer = White Dino Ranger
Deka Break = Omega Ranger
Deka Swan = Kat Ranger
Magi Mother = White Mystic Ranger
Geki Chopper = Rhino Ranger

Of course, there was White Racer, which was just Radiata Fanbelt who was a fan and wasn't an official member. But also to mention she was called 'White' and was female. Carranger, 1996

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