Friday, April 16, 2010

Unused Monsters from Super Sentai on Power Rangers #1 -- Saban Era

Suggested by Brian Dean, I compiled monsters that were in Super Sentai but not used for Power Rangers. I had compiled this list before back when in 2001 on my site when it was the Sentai Time Capsule but I had to remove it when we changed format. I do not know the real reason why any of these were used. Next I will be doing monsters that appeared on the show but only in background and got no closeup.

Dairanger / MMPR Season 2
Boss Kamikaze and Teacher Telephone
The gravestone was used for the Halloween episode but the three of these guys were the 3 idiots from Dairanger. They fought the Dairenoh (thunder megazord) twice but never died.

Bird Cage Vagabond
He had a vulture inside him and captured people and had a peg leg until he got his golden leg back. I guess he wasn't used because of time.

Zilong and Jiaxu
I used another picture of them but originally they were red and green. They are actually the armors of two human warriors. Probably not used because there wasn't enough footage of them in armor or too much fighting Dairanger.

Duke of Trumps
Appeared in the movie, his conglomerate form appeared in a picture book of MMPR, which always made me wondered why we never saw that monster. An insider told me Saban and Disney had to pay extra for the Movie footage so sometimes they didn't.

Kakuranger/MMPR season 3



Sunakake Babaa
Obvious why this one was not used, by her breasts.


Karakasa -- parts of it did get used for another monster

The Bratboy's first form.

Field commander who rules Machine Beasts with whip and has a human disguise and appeared in 3 episodes, probably not used because her outfit sort of looks like an S&M whipper. parts of it did get used for another monster

Bara Brain
His footage mostly dealt with the Ohranger out of uniform, probably why not used. Also most of the footage was him as a ball.

Bara Police
Parts of him were used for Electrotramp for Power Rangers in Space/Ninja Turtle team-up episode "Shell Shocked."

Carranger / Turbo
VV Goriin
DD Donmo
HH Wasshoishoi
II Goki-Chan
Norishiron Extra/Final
Final was not used, Extra (above) was from the teamup with Ohranger.
Got the name Rockin' Roach.
SS Sutatanzo
Appeared in the Carranger vs. Ohranger teamup.

Megaranger / in Space
Neo Bat Nejire
Rose Nejire
Canary Nejilar
Porcupine Nejilar
Illusionary Nejilar
Helmedor (Mega vs. Car)
Crab Nejilar (Mega vs. Car)

Gingaman / Lost Galaxy
Gaaragaara -- most likely not used because of the Hindu infulence, but according to, the costume might have appeared in the background.
Gregory (Ginga vs. Mega)
Daitanikusu II

GoGoV/Lightspeed Rescue
Jeeruda -- parts of it did get used for another monster
Big Douser
Golomois Giant Form
Beast Demon King Golomois

Timeranger/Time Force

Boribar--parts of him was used for something else. His other form Pierre Bori was used for Quarganon.

Gaoranger/Wild Force
Copy Org
Glasses Org
Human Body Speciman Org
Vase Org
Charcoal Grill Org
Blacksmith Org

Christmas Org
New Year's Org

Rakushaasa (Gao vs. SS teamup)

Zeus Org (Movie)
Hades Org
Poseidon Org


The White Rabbit said...

No actually, J.J. was used in the first episode of Turbo. If you look really closely behind Divatox, you can see him

Anonymous said...

Could you elaborate on all of the "parts of costume were used for another monster" comments with pictures if possible?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion: Kakuranger`s Kamaitachi should have been used on S3 MMPR as Ace Ferret, an old childhood friend of Finster`s

Anonymous said...

Oooh, the bird guy from GoGoV is *purdy.* And I love monsters that get to upgrade. I wish we could've gotten him.

Unknown said...

The Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades Orgs were suppose to be in the PRWF team-up with Time Force but they were destroyed in a fire.

Unknown said...

And also list some of the monsters that were reduced to background characters in PR?

Lavender Ranger said...

Unknown said...

Can someone please tell me who is the best of the Three Org Brothers? Because they are a bit boring.