Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Different Super Sentai Exhibits, Expos and Events

These are from random and different expositions. with Super Sentai props. I don't know exactly where or when each one took place.
Wow, I am going to attempt to say each thing is. Pink Speeder Machine. Front Left to Right: Time Red, Abared, Magi Red, Deka Red, Hurricane Red; Middle: Red Racer, Ginga Red, Go Red, Mega Red; Back: Ninja Red, Oh Red, Ryuuranger

Top Left to Right: Tyrannoranger, Five Red, Red Falcon, Turbo Red, Red Hawk; Bottom: Red One, Goggle Red, Denji Red, Battle Japan, VulEagle, Dyna Red, and Flash Red.

Another Event:
Dragon Ranger and Kiba Ranger.

Deka Yellow and Deka Master

DekaBreak and Machine Boxer

Time Fire and Gao Silver, behind Silver is BullBlack and to the far right is Mega Silver.

Dragon Ranger, to his left is Shurikenger and behind him is King Ranger.

Ninja Red (Kakuranger, 1994)

Tyranno Ranger (Zyuranger, 1993)

Different Event:
The Maskman Robo

Outfits of Wendinu (Hurricanger) and Mea (Magiranger)

Top Left to Right: DekaBike Robo, Magi King, Killeroh, Abarenoh; Bottom: Dekaranger Robo, Dai Bouken and Goranger.

Another Event:
The Carranger Speeder Machines in front; Left to Right: Battle Kumard, Battle Kark, Time Robo Alpha, Battle Saruder, Mag, Gingaoh, Battle Logan, V Fire, Battle Gamer, V Police, Tyrannosaurus, Gouryuujin, Tetra Boy, Jet Garuda, Live Boxer, GoTaurus, and Gingaoh with the Lights of Ginga.

Jetter Machines: Yellow, Blue, Pink; Kiber Machines: Green and Pink, Blue Jet Speeder, Hawk Arrow 5, Speeder Machines: Pink, Yellow, Green (Carranger), Shark Launcher, Shark Slider (Kakuranger), V Fire, Battle Kumard, and Time Robo Alpha.

Different Event:
Gao King, DaiVoyager (Boukenger), DekaWing Robo, Tenraisempujin (Hurricanger) and MaxOhja (Abaranger).

During Boukenger (2006).

AbareBlack, AbareBlue, Abared, AbareYellow and AbareKiller.

An expo during the era of Hurricanger (2002):

Jakanja (Hurricanger)

TimeRobo Alpha

Red Vehicles from Ohranger, Kakuranger, Dairanger, Zyuranger, Fiveman and Turboranger.

Bottom Left: Jet Cannon (Maskman), Bottom Right: Triple Bazooka (Liveman), Top Right: V Turbo Bazooka (Turboranger); and Top Left: I forget. You tell me.

Robos from Dynaman, Turboranger, Liveman and Bioman.

Top Left: V-Fire, Super Galaxy Robo, Gingaoh; Bottom Left: V-Police, VR Robo, Bull Taurus; Top Right: Battle Saruder, DaiShogun; Bottom Right: Battle Kumard and Battle Logan.

Victory Robo (GoGoV)

GoRanger (the first Sentai) and the Red warriors through to years (JAKQ to Gaoranger).

Top (L-R): TimeRobo Beta, GreatFive, LiveBoxer, FiveRobo, TetraBoy, Tyrannosaurus;
Bottom (L-R): ?, ?, LiveboxerRobo, Turbo Rugger, Jet Garuda, Great Icarus.


The Pantheon from Magiranger
Pictures from this site


N.Ma and Sphinx

Drake and Gorgon.

Silver Auto Slider, Galeo Pulsar, Command Attacker, Wolf Roader, Bari Thunders, and Machine Boxer.


Kiber Machine (Dairanger)

Shark Bleeder (Kakuranger)

Bari Thunders (Hurricanger) -- For those that don't know only the 'Thunder Rangers' had the bikes, not the 'Wind Rangers.'

Machine Doberman
More on this Japanese site

Yet Another Event:
DaiTanken in back.
Front Left to Right: Bioman, Jetman, Zyuranger, Fiveman; Middle: Ohranger, Maskman, Dairanger and in back, Sun Vulcan, Kakuranger and ??

Bouken Blue and Bouken Pink.

Seperate Event:
Dekaranger stuff

Machine Boxer and Machine Bull

Yet Another Event:

Yet Another Event:

Recent, tied with Super Sentai Spirits:
Go-On Green, Change Pegasus, Shinken Red, VulPanther, and Momo Ranger.

Red Hawk (Jetman), Bouken Red (behind him), Five Red, Red Turbo, Red Falcon (Liveman), and Red Mask and Gao Red behind him.Deka Red and Abared behind Red Turbo.

Hurricane Red, Magi Red, Geki Red, Bouken Red, Red Turbo, Red Falcon (Liveman), Red Hawk (Jetman), Go-On Red and Tyrannoranger.


Left to Right: Geki Red, Geki Violet, Magi Shine, Deka Master (Geki Chopper behind him), AbareKiller (Deka Break behind him), and Gao Silver (Shurikenger behind him) and Bouken Red, Bouken Yellow, and Bouken Pink in background.

Shinkenger at another event. Super Shinken Red in center and various monsters above.


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Wow, it´s very intersthing the Super Sentai´s exhibits in Osaka, Japan. Than, don´t for get realese the Power Rangers series exhibits in USA and Brazil, too.


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haha...why nobody thought for worlwide roadshow :D