Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spotlighting the Power Rangers Voice Actors (Part 2)

Suggested by Chynna of Straight from Chynna's Head
I'm only covering the ones that did a lot of different voices.

Alex Borstein
Of Family Guy (Lois Griffin) and Madtv fame, she played Bloom of Doom, Lipsyncher, and Madame Woe in MMPR; Queen Machina only in Zeo; and Cataclaws in Beetleborgs.

Brianne Siddall
In MMPR, she voiced Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel, Vase Face, Soccadillo, Octoplant, Sinister Siminan, and dubbed voice of Willy. Wolfbot and Crobot in VR Troopers, Mechaterpillar in Zeo, Big Burpa in Turbo, Queen Machina for In Space (not Zeo), Ruptor and Maronda in Lost Galaxy.

Impus in Lightspeed Rescue and Circuit in Time Force and Wild Force. She has also done voices for Naruto, Noozles, Dragonball, Kikiader, and Digimon.

Richard Steven Horvitz
Provided the voice of Alpha 5 from MMPR to Turbo and the two movies; Ay-Gor in Zeo, Smogger in Lightspeed, and Mantamobile in Time Force. He has also voiced Daggett Doofus Beaver in Angry Beavers, Invader ZIM (my fav), and Billy/Billybot/Harold/Pale Ghoulish Juror/Chippy the Squirrel/Billy's Dad in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

Richard Epcar
In VR Troopers, he played Col. Icebot, Frogbot, Slashbot, Graybot, Dark Heart, Chrome Dome and more. He played Etemon and others in Digimon.Played Shellshock, Mutitis, Babe Ruthless, Cyclops, Goatan, Rhino Blaster, Primator, Invenusable Flytrap (For the Wedding), Miss Chief, Brick Bully and Incisorator in MMPR. He played Defoliator, Autochton, and Protectron in Zeo; Karato in Beetleborgs, Blazinator in Turbo, Vacsacker in Space, Fishface in Lost Galaxy, Cyclopter in Lightspeed Rescue, Vexicon in Time FOrce, and Bowling Org in Wild Force.

Richard Cansino
He played Eye Guy, Cardiatron, King Sphinx, and Weaveworm in MMPR; Clockster in Turbo, Cobra Monster in LR, and Ironspike in Time Force.

He voiced Keglar in Lost Galaxy and Jindrax in Wild Force (for four episodes only). He has also been on Digimon, Cyborg 009, Lupin the 3rd, and Naruto to name a few.

Steve Kramer
He voiced Robogoat, Gnarly Gnome and Slippery Shark in MMPR; Mucant in Beetleborgs; Dreadfeather in Turbo; Electropede in TF, and Turbine Org in Wild Force.

Best known as Cyclopter in Masked Rider and Darkonda in Space. He has also been on Digimon, Cyborg 009 and various other series. He was also a writer on PR.

David Stenstrom
Best known as Hal (the dad) in Masked Rider, he voiced King Mondo in Zeo, Demonite in Lightspeed, and Fearog in Time Force.

Oliver Page
Played the Scottish-tinged Klank, but also voiced the Plague Patrol in "A Friend In Need" saga and White Knight in Time Force.

Derek Stephen Prince
He voiced Auric the Conquerer, Digster, Staroid in Zeo; Noxic in Beetleborgs, Treacheron in Lost Galaxy, Tankenstein in Space and Jetara in Time Force.

He's biggest role is Elgar in Turbo and Space. He has also done Bleach, Digimon, and other Anime.

Kurt Kim Strauss
He voiced Scorpio in Lost Galaxy and Jinxer in Lightspeed Rescue and Ninjor in MMPR. He also voice Decibat and Teksa in Lost Galaxy; Barillian Bug in Space; Water Bug in Masked Rider; Magmavore and Vilevine in LR; Tronicon and Venomark in TF; Lawnmower Org and Rofang in Wild Force.

Lex Lang
Played Rygog in Turbo, Louie Kaboom in Zeo, Ecliptor in Space, and Zen-Aku in Wild Force. He voiced multiple characters in Justice League Unlimited. He is the co-founder of The Love Planet Foundation, a non-profit organization which creates educational materials for children on the importance of recycling, world water awareness, and the preservation of the planet.


Shinken Red said...

I thought Danny Wayne Stallcup did the voice of Jindrax?

Lavender Ranger said...

Jindrax was voiced by Richard Cansino for four episodes, and later his US suit actor Danny Wayne Stallcup (credited in this series as Danny Wayne), who played Jindrax in his human-guise prior to the series beginning.

Unknown said...

I actually liked Jindrax with Richard Cansino's voice. It sounded closer with his Gaoranger counterpart.

Anonymous said...

I thought the voice of Kaos was Jeff Dunham.